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  • The Scattershot is a splash damage defense that has very high damage per second. It is unlocked at Town Hall level 13.
  • The Scattershot must be loaded to work. Like with other defenses that need reloading, loading is free and automatically occurs when the user logs into the game. If the Scattershot fires too many shots without being reloaded, it will run out of ammo and stop working.
  • Unlike the usual ring of explosion from other splash defenses, the Scattershot’s attacks have a cone-shaped area of effect. Troops that are behind the initial target in a 90° cone shape will take splash damage and troops next to or in front of the target will be unharmed. The splash damage has a falloff effect and decreases with distance, it can affect troops 1-5 tiles away from the initial target.
  • The Scattershot can target both ground and air troops but can only damage either ground or air with each shot (not both). For example, if a Scattershot targets the Archer Queen with her Healers performing a Queen Walk, only the Archer Queen will be damaged, and vice versa.
  • The Scattershot can start its first attack in 0.8s. Once fired, it needs 3 seconds (attack speed) to reload.

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