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The Air Sweeper serves as a defensive mechanism, accessible at Town Hall level 6, designed to repel aerial troops through powerful gusts of air. Although it inflicts no damage, it propels air units backward, providing additional time for other defenses to eliminate these troops and hinder their progress. Since Air Sweepers don’t inflict damage, upgrades focus on enhancing the knockback distance. They are incapable of affecting ground troops, except for possibly diverting their attention from more valuable targets, such as the Town Hall. The Air Sweeper is restricted to one primary direction, but its air bursts, which span a narrower angle, can be directed anywhere within this range. Consequently, the device can rotate 45 degrees at a time, offering eight directional settings.

Clash of Clans Air Sweeper


Defensive Strategies

The Air Sweeper’s effective range covers a 120-degree radius, so ensure it faces the area of the base most susceptible to aerial attacks. Its range, designated as “1-15,” implies a one-tile blind spot. For instance, a Balloon positioned directly above the Air Sweeper will not be affected.

Advanced Air Sweepers can defend against and disrupt numerous air assaults and air troops. Use this knowledge to dismantle these attackers. Air Sweepers are particularly effective against Balloons, Electro Dragons, and Inferno Dragons. They can also protect defending heroes from Lava Pups and Minions, as well as cause clumps of enemy air troops to disperse or spread out.

The primary advantage of Air Sweepers lies in their capacity to dissuade air attacks from a specific direction. As a Town Hall 6-8 player, direct the Air Sweeper one way and deploy air traps on the opposite side of the base. As a Town Hall 9-14 player, use both Air Sweepers to create a virtually impenetrable section of the base or to cover a broader area of deterrence. Be cautious not to place them too close together, as they become vulnerable to Lightning Spells.

Air Sweepers are useful in countering the Queen/Warden Walk strategy and can force flying troops out of the Inferno Tower’s range, resetting the beam’s damage. Orient the Air Sweeper toward the base’s weaker side, compelling attackers to approach with air troops from the stronger side or risk being obstructed by the Air Sweeper. This tactic can improve defense in war and reduce the attacker’s percentage.

Offensive Strategies

Since Air Sweepers can only cover a certain angle, exploit this limitation by attacking buildings outside of their coverage. Slow air troops, such as Balloons, are most susceptible to the Air Sweeper’s defense; counter this temporarily by employing Rage Spells or Haste Spells to accelerate their movement.

Four level 4 or higher Lightning Spells can eliminate Air Sweepers level 5 and below. To destroy a max-level Air Sweeper, you will need four level 5 or higher Lightning Spells, three level 7 or higher spells, or two maxed level 9 spells. When targeting Air Sweepers with Lightning Spells for air attacks, also aim to destroy one or two Air Defenses with the same spells for maximum efficiency.

Distract Air Sweepers with Dragons, Healers, or Minions to provide other troops additional time to destroy them. Although the Air Sweeper covers a 120-degree sector-shaped area, its air blasts span only a 30-degree angle. When confronting an Air Sweeper head-on with air troops, deploy them in a semicircle formation, if possible, to minimize the Air Sweeper’s impact.


Clash of Clans Air Sweepers control the sky with strong blasts of air that push back flying enemies. Air Sweepers can only face one direction, so rotate them to maximize their effectiveness.

Air Sweeper Important Info

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available000001112222222

Clash of Clans Air Sweeper Upgrade Chart

LevelPush StrengthHPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
11.6 tiles750400,0006h1466
22.0 tiles800700,00012h2076
32.4 tiles8501,100,00018h2547
42.8 tiles9001,500,0001d2938
53.2 tiles9502,000,0002d4159
63.6 tiles1,0002,500,0002d 12h46410
74.0 tiles1,0504,200,0003d 12h54911

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
1-155sNone (Knockback Only)Air