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The Seeking Air Mine serves as a single-target aerial trap, featuring a metallic explosive attached to three black balloons adorned with white skull designs. Regarded as the sky-based equivalent of the Giant Bomb, the Seeking Air Mine deals massive damage without a splash effect. This trap targets the majority of airborne units, such as Healers, Siege Machines, and the Grand Warden in air mode, while sparing Minions, Lava Pups, and Bats from its effects.

As with all traps, the Seeking Air Mine must be re-armed after activation for future defenses, which happens automatically and at no cost once a player logs into the game. However, Clan Wars and Legend League battles are exempt from this requirement, as traps are always active during enemy attacks.


Defensive Strategies

  • Position the Seeking Air Mine near an Air Defense to quickly cripple or destroy powerful flying units deployed after the defense is taken out.
  • Take advantage of the trap’s inability to target Minions, which ensures that it targets more substantial and potentially threatening troops, such as Balloons.
  • Place it on the outskirts of your base to eliminate any deployed Healers swiftly. Alternatively, consider positioning it deeper within the base to counter skilled players who may deploy Balloons to test for Seeking Air Mines.
  • Employ it against Dragons or other strong flying units, including Baby Dragons, which are often deployed without cover from other air units.
  • Protect your Town Hall by placing the Seeking Air Mine nearby to deter solitary Dragons.
  • Use it to counter a Grand Warden in air mode, forcing the attacker to use the Eternal Tome ability prematurely or potentially preventing its activation altogether, reducing the chances of a defensive loss.
  • Deploy it to take down a Battle Blimp targeting the Town Hall after a ground attack, but be cautious, as it may cause the Blimp to release Clan Castle troops in unfavorable locations.
  • At higher Town Hall levels, arrange Seeking Air Mines in geometric patterns (Hexagon-TH12, Heptagon-TH13, Octagon-TH14) to cover as many possible Siege Machine paths as possible.
  • Avoid clustering multiple Seeking Air Mines, as they will all target the same unit and waste their potential.
  • However, at Town Hall 9, placing double Seeking Air Mines near two Air Defenses can effectively damage Lava Hounds, making them more susceptible to early elimination.

Offensive Strategies

  • The Balloon serves as the optimal choice against this trap, occupying a mere 5 housing spaces and becoming increasingly valuable if it triggers multiple traps simultaneously.
  • This strategy is particularly useful in single-player maps with numerous Seeking Air Mines, as a single Balloon can activate and waste dozens of traps.
  • Utilize the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability to negate the Seeking Air Mine’s damage, but be prepared to activate it quickly to avoid significant damage or loss of troops. Typically, the Eternal Tome is better employed to mitigate damage from more dangerous sources, such as a level 5 Giga Tesla’s death explosion.