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Clash of Clans Seeking Air Mine

By April 1, 2022No Comments
  • The Seeking Air Mine is a single-target air trap. It consists of a metallic bomb attached to three black balloons with white skulls painted onto them.
  • While the Air Bomb is considered as the aerial counterpart of the Bomb, the Seeking Air Mine is considered the aerial counterpart of the Giant Bomb. Compared to the Air Bomb, it lacks the splash damage. This is because it deals heavy damage to tanks while the Air Bomb is for swarms.
  • This trap will target most air units (including Healers, Siege Machines, and the Grand Warden if he is set to air mode). The only exceptions are Minions, Lava Pups and Bats (spawned by the Bat Spell), none of which can trigger the Seeking Air Mine, or get affected by it.
  • Like all traps, once it is activated, the Seeking Air Mine must be re-armed in order to be a part of the next defense (with the exception of Clan Wars and in Legend League, where all Traps are active for every enemy attack). Doing so is free and occurs automatically once the player logs into the game.

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