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The Inferno Tower is a potent defensive structure attainable at Town Hall level 10, capable of unleashing a scorching stream of flames that can pierce even the toughest armor. This tower offers two distinct modes: single-target and multi-target.

In single-target mode, the Inferno Tower gradually inflicts damage on a single adversary. Its destructive power escalates the longer it remains focused on the same target, making it highly effective against high-health troops. However, its initial damage output is lower when targeting a new troop, and it can be overwhelmed by large groups of weaker units, such as Archers.

On the other hand, in multi-target mode, the Inferno Tower concurrently damages multiple targets. This mode proves most efficient against swarms of low-health troops but lacks the same impact against higher-health opponents.

Similar to the X-Bow, the Inferno Tower requires periodic reloading. This process occurs automatically and free of charge when the player logs in. However, if the Inferno Tower continues firing without reloading, it will eventually deplete its ammunition and cease attacking.

It takes 2 minutes and 8 seconds for one Inferno Tower to exhaust all of its ammunition.

Unlike some defenses, the Inferno Tower lacks a preferred target and does not deal extra damage to any specific troop. However, in single-target mode, its progressive DPS means it inflicts more damage on average to troops with higher hitpoints.

Clash of Clans Inferno Tower Level 2



In single-target mode, the Inferno Tower proves vulnerable against large groups of low-health troops. To bolster its defense, ensure the Inferno Tower is within range of a Mortar, Wizard Tower, and/or Bomb Tower.

Positioning the single-target Inferno Tower alongside a Wizard Tower can be advantageous. The Inferno Tower excels against high hitpoint troops like Dragons, P.E.K.K.As, and Golems, complementing the Wizard Tower’s proficiency against weaker troops. Placing these structures close together enhances their survivability and fortifies the rest of your base.

For effective defense against various troop types, consider placing a Scattershot near the single-target Inferno Tower. The Inferno Tower can focus on tanky units or heroes while the Scattershot deals with swarms of low-health troops.

The multiple-target mode is highly effective against groups of lower-health troops. Position the Inferno Tower near storages to prevent Goblins from causing significant damage.

Strategically place the Inferno Tower near the outer layer of Walls to deter Wall Breakers from breaching them.

Be cautious not to cluster important defenses like Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery too closely. Separate them to avoid vulnerability to a single Freeze Spell, which could immobilize all defenses in close proximity.

As each mode has its own advantages, consider situating Inferno Towers in range of each other to maximize their impact.

Take advantage of the 2×2 size of Inferno Towers by concealing them in pockets or smaller islands, making them harder for attackers to reach.

If your Clan Castle has a large name, position it near the Inferno Tower to obstruct its mode and confuse attackers.

Placing a Tornado Trap within the range of a single-targeting Inferno Tower can draw high-health troops like P.E.K.K.As or Dragons, allowing the Inferno Tower to eliminate them while they are immobilized.


The Inferno Tower, especially in single-target mode, poses a significant threat to common offensive strategies where heavy units lead the way, followed by lighter troops. It’s crucial to avoid letting your heavy troops enter the range of a single-target Inferno Tower, as it will lead to their certain doom, even high-level heroes.

To mitigate the damage from a single-target Inferno Tower, use Freeze Spells or Lightning Spells. These spells not only halt the tower’s flames but also reset its damage progression, forcing it to build up damage again. The Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak ability can also protect her from a single-target Inferno Tower’s attacks while she’s invisible.

In single-target mode, the Inferno Tower is weak against swarms of small troops due to its slow retargeting time. Even Skeletons can pose a threat. Surrounding it with small troops like Archers and Barbarians can quickly defeat it. However, spreading out the attacking units is not an issue in single-target mode unless a nearby Wizard Tower, Bomb Tower, or Mortar complicates the situation.

To identify the mode of an Inferno Tower, observe its top. Flames from one large circular hole indicate single-target mode, while multiple small pentagonal holes signify multiple-target mode.

Players can disguise the mode of an Inferno Tower by joining a clan with a long name and placing the tower to the left of the Clan Castle, using the clan name as a cover.

Loaded and empty Inferno Towers are visually distinct. A loaded tower glows brightly with lava and flame, while an empty one remains unlit.

Taking down an initial level Inferno Tower requires three maxed Lightning Spells. Bringing this combination can eliminate both Inferno Towers when attacking Town Hall 10s.

The Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome can protect a tank troop from severe damage by a single-target Inferno Tower. However, the ability does not reset the Inferno Tower’s damage unless the troop moves out of the tower’s range or if the player employs Lightning or Freeze Spells against the Inferno Towers.

Using a Healing Spell can effectively counter the damage from a multi-targeting Inferno Tower, but against a single-targeting one, the spell’s pulse rate and healing capability will be outpaced.

Similar to the X-Bow, Giants, Balloons, and Golems will still attack an empty Inferno Tower. If the tower is empty, it will be dark and devoid of fire.

Inferno Tower Important Info

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available000000000223333

Clash of Clans Inferno Tower Upgrade Chart

LevelDP/Sec (Initial)DP/Sec (After 1.5s)DP/Sec (After 5.25s)DP/Shot (Initial)DP/Shot (After 1.5s)DP/Shot (After 5.25s)HPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
1301001,0003.8412.81281,5001,700,0002d 12h46410
2351151,1504.4814.72147.21,8002,500,0003d 6h52910
3411301,3005.24816.64166.42,1003,800,0004d 6h60510
5701751,7508.9622.42242,7005,200,0006d 6h73411

RangeAttack SpeedNumber of TargetsUnit Type TargetedNumber of Rounds
90.128s1Ground & Air1,000