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Barracks serve as a training ground for soldiers who will be deployed in Army Camps. When upgrading Barracks, be aware that the training speed is reduced by half, significantly extending the time required to prepare your forces. To instantly complete troop training, you can use Gems, with the cost being directly tied to the remaining training time.

Additionally, there is an option to enhance troop production for an hour using a 30-Gem boost, which quadruples the training rate for all soldiers. Keep in mind that the boost timer continues to run even without active troop production, so only activate it when you’re prepared to utilize it fully. A clock briefly appears when you choose to boost the Barracks.

Demolishing a Barracks during an attack does not interfere with its troop production capabilities. Trained soldiers are added to a shared training queue with the Dark Barracks. The maximum capacity of the queue is twice the Army Camp capacity. For instance, if your Army Camps can accommodate 200 housing space, the training queue can contain 400 housing space. This is advantageous because you can queue troops before engaging in combat (single-player or multiplayer), and training will proceed until the entire queue is complete.

Troops are trained in the order you select them, one batch at a time. Troops of the same kind aren’t automatically grouped together but can be manually arranged afterward. The first half of the queue (the first army’s worth of soldiers) will enter the Army Camps when ready. Note that troops already in the Army Camps count as being in the first half of the queue, but they won’t appear in the queue.

The second half of the queue (the second army’s worth of soldiers) appears in light red and serves as a “reserve” – they will enter the Army Camps as space becomes available. When ready, reserve troops will show a tick mark. When donating troops, reserve soldiers will be given away first, if possible, only using those in the Army Camps if the reserve is empty.

If a troop at the front of the queue can’t enter the Army Camps due to insufficient space (even if the camp isn’t entirely full), they will become the reserve’s front line and block any troops behind them in the queue from entering the Army Camps unless moved by the player.

Players can rearrange troops in the queue, altering the training order. If an unprepared soldier is moved to the front, the Barracks will halt the current troop’s training and begin training the new troop, losing all progress made on the previous soldier. Conversely, if a reserve troop is moved to the front and there’s available space in the Army Camps, they will be transferred immediately.

Troops in the queue can be removed, whether they’re ready or not. If they were prepared, they’ll need to be retrained if added back into the queue.