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The Giant Bomb, a potent defensive weapon, becomes accessible at Town Hall level 6. Similar to the standard Bomb, it detonates when an enemy enters its vicinity. However, the Giant Bomb boasts a greater power and cost compared to its counterpart. Upon activation, it inflicts splash damage on all adversaries within a 3-4 tile radius, contingent on its level. To prepare for the next defense, the Giant Bomb needs to be re-armed, a process that occurs automatically and free of charge when the player logs in.

Giant Bombs can wreak havoc on moderately durable troops, such as lower-level Giants or Hog Riders, and typically annihilate weaker units like Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, and Wizards.



To optimize the use of Giant Bombs, position them in areas where numerous enemy troops are frequently deployed during attacks. With dimensions identical to Hidden Teslas (2×2), Giant Bombs can be placed strategically in alternate locations to surprise opponents who may assume the area is secure once no Hidden Tesla is activated. This can lead to massive troop destruction when the Giant Bomb detonates.

While upgrading Giant Bombs, be mindful that their locations become visible to potential attackers. To counter this, relocate the Giant Bomb during the upgrade phase. Like all traps, Giant Bombs are immune to activation during an upgrade.

Some players opt to place Giant Bombs outside their bases, ensuring early activation to avoid 50% destruction. Ideal placement is behind external structures but in front of exterior walls, causing troops to cluster while attacking the outer building, making them vulnerable to the bomb’s blast.

Alternatively, others position Giant Bombs further inside their bases, acting as a snare for Hog Rider and Giant groups. Placing the bomb between two defensive buildings guarantees that these troops will gather closely before activating the explosive.


To minimize losses, attempt to set off Giant Bombs using expendable units like Barbarians or Goblins if near resource structures. Deploy them individually near 2×2 spaces to identify and neutralize potential threats. After triggering a Giant Bomb, employ a Healing Spell to restore the health of your surviving forces, particularly if utilizing a Giant-based attack strategy at lower levels.

When a Giant Bomb is primed to explode, avoid deploying additional troops nearby to prevent further casualties. Using Heroes or high-health units like P.E.K.K.A or Golem to activate Giant Bombs can be advantageous, as they sustain relatively minimal damage compared to their total health. Refrain from activating the abilities of the Barbarian King or Archer Queen when they set off a Giant Bomb, as summoned troops will be eliminated. Exercise caution when approaching suspicious empty spaces to avoid inadvertently triggering hidden Giant Bombs.