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Traps serve as cost-effective, concealed mechanisms that become active when an attacking unit enters their activation radius. They inflict negative consequences on enemy forces, such as inflicting direct damage or hindering their progress. After being triggered, traps must be reset, which is done without any cost and happens automatically upon the player’s login.

In specific game scenarios like Clan Wars, Legend League, and Friendly Battles, there is no need to reset traps, as they remain operational throughout all attacks. Strategically positioning traps can significantly enhance a village’s defense capabilities. For instance, if an attack is successfully repelled while you’re offline and your traps are activated, subsequent attacks won’t face those traps until you reset them.

Traps lack a “red zone,” allowing troops to be deployed directly over them. However, they can be situated within the “red zones” of other structures. While the Hidden Tesla is often considered a trap, it is actually a concealed Defensive Building that doesn’t need resetting. Traps are not considered buildings, and their activation doesn’t contribute to the enemy achieving 100% destruction. They can be placed and reset without a free builder, but upgrading them necessitates a Builder.

If a Bomb is activated but the battle concludes before it detonates, it remains armed.

Upgrade Facts

All permanent traps have upgrade levels, while temporary traps possess a single level and vanish from players’ bases after their respective events conclude. Upgrading traps involves using builders, and the upgrade process generally has shorter durations and lower costs than building upgrades.

Distinct trap types offer different upgrades, with most traps receiving enhanced damage capabilities when upgraded. However, some traps also gain specific stat improvements like extended duration or enlarged damage radius. When being upgraded, traps are visible to enemies, making it advisable to relocate them temporarily. Nonetheless, remember to reposition them after the upgrade is complete. Traps must be upgraded individually, and upgrading one trap doesn’t affect others of the same type. Opponents can deploy troops atop traps even during the upgrading process.

Using Traps

Once a trap is activated, it remains in its location with a “triggered” status. To reset a triggered trap, the player doesn’t need an available Builder. Resetting is free and happens automatically upon login. Upgraded traps retain their level permanently, and the upgrade status remains unaffected when the trap is triggered. If a trap is activated during one assault and not reset prior to the next, the triggered traps will be invisible to the subsequent attacker, having no impact on the battle even if enemy troops enter their activation range.