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  • A Clan Castle is needed for creating or joining a Clan. It houses troops which can either be placed as reinforcements during an attack, or used as defenders when the player’s base is under attack.
  • Players begin the game with a ruined Clan Castle. While it is in ruins, it is surrounded by obstacles (plants and stones) and cannot be moved. Rebuilding a Clan Castle requires 10,000 Gold but doesn’t require a free Builder, and its reconstruction happens instantly. Once it is rebuilt, players are able to create a Clan or join an existing one. The Clan Castle can also be moved once it is rebuilt (you do not need to join a Clan first or remove any surrounding obstacles).
Clash of Clans Clan Castle
  • Once players join a Clan, they have the ability to “Request” once every 20 minutes (or faster if the clan has a “Donation Request Wait Time” perk or if they bypass this wait time by using Gems). Also, players can add a message to tell other players what troops they would like, and can even enforce specific requests to only allow other players to donate what’s requested. Other Clan members will see the request in the Clan Chat and can donate a certain number of troops, spells or siege machines to the Clan Castle (depending on the clan level and the player’s Clan Castle level).
    • Starting at level 4, players can request for one housing space’s worth of Spells from their clanmates; level 7 Clan Castles or higher allows them to hold two housing space worth of spells.
    • Starting at level 6, players can request for Siege Machines from their clanmates.
    • If the troops/spells are depleted before the Wait Time ends, the time remaining is displayed on top of the clan castle.
    • There is currently a glitch whereby the time remaining is not displayed if the only thing missing is the siege machine.
  • Players can use Clan Castle reinforcements during battle, and any troops housed inside the Clan Castle can defend the player’s village whenever he/she is offline.
    • Players can choose to toggle the defense status of defending Clan Castle troops, to either guard mode or sleep mode. In guard mode, troops housed inside will defend the player’s village from attacks, whilst in sleep mode, troops housed inside will not do so. The latter mode can be useful to save Clan Castle troops for attacking, especially in Clan Wars.
  • Players receive experience points for each troop they donate. 1 experience point is earned for every housing space of troops donated; for example, donating 1 Archer earns 1 experience point whereas a Giant will earn 5 experience points and a Dragon 20 experience points. Players can normally donate a maximum of 6 troops per request, though up to 9 can be donated in a higher level Clan with the “Donation Limit” perk. Every housing unit of troops donated counts towards the “Friend in Need” achievement.
    • Players receive 5 Experience for each housing space of spells donated; so each Dark Spell or Freeze Spell yields 5 Experience, while 10 Experience is gained for each 2-space Elixir Spell donated. Each Spell donated will count towards the Sharing is Caring achievement.
      • In Clans that are level 7 or below, players can only donate 1 spell to each request; in clans that are level 8 or above, players can donate 2 spells to the same request.
    • Players receive 30 Experience for each Siege Machine donated.
  • The Clan Castle is home to the Treasury, which receives loot earned from Star Bonuses, Clan Wars and Clan Games. This replaces the previous War Loot storage space, and is not dependent on the actual level of the Clan Castle itself. Attackers can only steal a very small percentage (3%) of the loot stored within the Treasury so one shouldn’t claim the loot until they feel they need them.

Defensive Strategy

  • When enemies come within a 12 tiles radius of your Clan Castle, any troops donated by your clanmates will file out to attack. While defending, Troops from your Clan Castle are able to jump over Walls. This is also true for Heroes.
  • When the Clan Castle is selected, the activation radius can be seen like the range of a turret. It is the only building (other than Defensive Buildings) that has this.
  • If the Clan Castle is destroyed while defending, any Troops remaining inside will not be able to deploy; they are not destroyed, and will be available for use in the next battle.
  • Try to place the Clan Castle somewhere near the center of the village so that the Troops within will respond to attacks quickly from any direction.
  • Keep in mind that once enemy Troops that have no favorite target become aware of defending Clan Castle Troops, they will target those Clan Castle Troops before they target any buildings. This urge will even prompt them to break through a Wall if necessary to get to the defending Troops. As such, placement of a Clan Castle full of Archers behind an interior Wall will force attacking Troops to break the Wall before attacking surrounding buildings, whether this is desired or not.
  • This building has a lot of hit points (generally second only to the Town Hall), making it a very good building for absorbing damage while your defenses attack.
  • Although the Clan Castle is a very useful building for defensive purposes, Giants and Balloons do not preferentially attack it (they will only do so once all other defenses are destroyed).
  • Defensive units that survive an attack, regardless of their health level, will return to the Clan Castle at full health (if deployed offensively, they will need to be replaced regardless of whether they survive or not).
  • If you get attacked by air units, only the Troops that can attack air units will come and defend. All other Troops will stay inside the Clan Castle until ground units are deployed.

Offensive Strategy

  • It is crucial to try to lure the Troops out of the defending Clan Castle when attacking. Players can do this by deploying a single unit within the range of the enemy’s Clan Castle. This is to prevent a situation where players are forced to fight these Troops within range of the enemy’s defenses. It’s also useful to know what type of defending Troops are in the Clan Castle before deploying the whole army (e.g. you don’t want to deploy mass Barbarians when the enemy has Balloons defending his base).
  • After luring the Troops out, a player can choose to surrender the battle (if you decide these Troops put you in a disadvantageous position), ignore them (not recommended), kill them with a Lightning Spell or lure them farther away from the defensive buildings before battling them with your own Troops. Note that once deployed, Clan Castle Troops no longer have a trigger radius and will travel the entire length of the map to attack any enemy units. Use this to your advantage to draw them as far away from the defensive buildings as possible.
  • An easy way of handling strong Troops (level 5 or 6) is to lure them far away from the base. Place one Giant at a far side, wait for the Troops to come close, and then deploy Archers in a circle around them; they should be taken down easily. This technique also works extremely well on Heroes.
  • When weaker Troops come out of a Clan Castle, use a Lightning Spell to get rid of them.The Lightning Spell only damages defending Troops, so you may use it while the defenders have engaged your attacking Troops without fear of friendly fire.
LevelBuild CostGoldHitpointsTroop capacityBuild TimeExperience Gained XPTown Hall level required
2100,0001,400156 hours1464
3800,0002,000201 day2936
41,800,0002,600252 days4158
57,000,0003,000307 days7779
12 tiles3×3

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