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Army Camps serve as the destination for troops once their training is completed. All troops, except for Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins, occupy more than one housing space. By upgrading and constructing additional Army Camps, you can accommodate more troops, thereby increasing your chances of success during raids.

Even during upgrades, Army Camps remain fully operational, ensuring that your armies are always at their maximum capacity. In contrast to Clan Castle troops, the troops stationed in Army Camps do not defend your village during attacks and always appear empty to adversaries. The destruction of an Army Camp does not impact your army in any way.

The highest number of housing spaces available for your troops is 320 (4 Army Camps x 80 spaces). This figure rises to 370 when factoring in the extra 50 spaces provided by a level 11 Clan Castle at Town Hall 15.

Heroes, Pets, and Siege Machines do not occupy any space within Army Camps. It is unnecessary to encircle Army Camps with Walls, as they do not require protection. Due to their large size (4×4), Army Camps demand more Walls for containment, which could otherwise be utilized to fortify Defensive Buildings already situated within the Walls, thus enhancing your defense.

It is always advisable to construct all accessible Army Camps first and then prioritize upgrading the lower-level ones. Each upgrade (excluding the upgrade to level 2) grants the Camp only an additional five housing spaces, and the Elixir cost increases with each upgrade. The subsequent level is generally significantly pricier than the preceding one.

Army Camps possess a smaller hitbox compared to their capacity, unlike other structures. Consequently, enemy units must approach slightly closer to initiate an attack and destroy the Camp.

Clan Castle troops are not transferred to Army Camps upon donation; instead, they occupy the Clan Castle and do not consume housing space within the Army Camp.

By closely observing, you can notice the reactions of some troops when tapping on the Army Camp. For instance, Barbarians lift their swords, Archers thrust their fists skyward, and Minions sneeze.

Troops can be dismissed from Army Camps if necessary.