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The Scattershot is a potent splash-damage defense with an impressive damage-per-second output, unlocked upon upgrading your Town Hall to level 13. To function, the Scattershot requires ammunition, which is automatically reloaded without cost when the player logs into the game. If the Scattershot discharges excessive shots without reloading, it will deplete its ammunition and cease operating. One Scattershot takes approximately 4 minutes and 33 seconds to expend its entire payload.

Distinct from the typical circular explosion radius of other splash defenses, the Scattershot’s attacks encompass a conical area of effect. Troops positioned behind the primary target within a 90° cone sustain splash-damage, while those adjacent to or in front of the target remain unscathed. Two separate falloff hitboxes exist: one affecting units within 1 tile of the initial target, and another affecting units 1-5 tiles away.

The Scattershot can engage both ground and aerial units but can only inflict damage on one type per shot. For instance, if a Scattershot targets an Archer Queen accompanied by Healers during a Queen Walk, only the Archer Queen will suffer damage, and vice versa.


Defensive Strategy

The Scattershot excels in combating low-to-moderate health troops, posing a significant threat to Bowlers, Witches, Miners, Hog Riders, and Balloons, among others. Pair it with high-damage, single-target defenses such as single-target Inferno Towers, as it will eliminate large groups of weak troops while the more formidable defense focuses on heroes or high-health units.

Scattershot Islands are advantageous due to their extensive range and spacing from nearby buildings, which encourages troops to circumnavigate them. However, the Scattershot’s Achilles heel is its dead zone. Employ traps to divert or damage melee attackers (e.g., a Tornado Trap just beyond the dead zone) or provide ample protection via other defenses.

Refrain from placing Scattershots near Inferno Towers, X-Bows, or Eagle Artilleries. A combination of Lightning Spells and Earthquake Spells can obliterate them, paving the way for an easier victory despite consuming significant spell space.

Offensive Strategy

Utilize sturdy troops rather than clusters, as the Scattershot’s area of attack is akin to Mortars. If executing a Hogs/Miners assault, place a Healing Spell within its range. The Scattershot’s damage output is comparable to that of X-Bows when targeting a single unit. Hero Walks (e.g., Queen/Warden Walk) will not face much more difficulty against it than against an X-Bow, but the Scattershot can quickly eliminate any summoned troops and potentially deal substantial damage to an Archer Queen after dispatching the summoned units.

Due to its slower firing rate compared to most other defenses, the Scattershot can often be distracted by a troop or hero capable of enduring a few shots. Giants or Ice Golems are suitable for this purpose; deploying them on a side opposite your other troops will prevent the Scattershot’s splash damage from harming your primary army.

If a Scattershot is attacking your main force, send in a unit of a different height (ground or air) since the Scattershot can only damage one type at a time. Leverage the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability or Freeze Spells to evade Scattershot damage and employ Rage Spells to accelerate its destruction.

Like a Mortar, this defense has a blind spot that can be exploited. However, beware of potential traps or supplementary defensive structures. Meat shields offer limited protection when assaulting this defense; instead, use Healers or Heal Spells to recuperate supporting troops’ health.

Invisible troops are still vulnerable to Scattershot damage if struck by a shot targeting an enemy in front of them. Ensure that the Invisibility Spell is accurately cast so that all troops are encompassed within the spell’s area to prevent unnecessary damage.

In conclusion, the Scattershot is a formidable splash-damage defense with a high damage output, suitable for tackling clusters of low-to-moderate health troops. When employing this defense or strategizing against it, be mindful of its strengths, weaknesses, and unique attack pattern. Understanding these factors will improve your overall gameplay and increase your chances of success.