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The Laboratory serves as a facility where you can enhance your Soldiers, Enchantments, and Assault Engines, boosting attributes like damage output and health points. The Laboratory becomes accessible at Town Hall level 3.

Upgrade fees correspond to the resources required for the specific target. Upgrading Dark Elixir Troops/Spells necessitates Dark Elixir, while Elixir is needed for all other upgrades. Champions and Familiars cannot be enhanced in the Laboratory; they require a free Builder or the Pet House for upgrading, respectively.

Upgrading the Laboratory while an internal upgrade is in progress is possible, and research will proceed as usual during the Laboratory’s upgrade. Research projects cannot be canceled or conducted concurrently. Nonetheless, you can instantly complete an active project by using Gems or a suitable Magical Artifact (a Book of Combat for Soldiers and Assault Engines, a Book of Enchantments for Enchantments; a Book of Everything is valid for all three). A relevant Hammer can bypass the upgrade timer and eliminate any expenses.

You can also employ a Study Elixir to accelerate the Laboratory’s research pace to 24 times the standard rate for an hour, effectively reducing research time by 24 hours. If the upgrade on which you use a Study Elixir has less than 24 hours remaining, attempt to initiate another upgrade as soon as it is completed to avoid wasting the boost.

Laboratorys emit a purple (levels 1-6), blue (level 7), red (level 8), or yellow (levels 9-12) radiance from their entrances when an upgrade is in progress. The Laboratory cannot improve anything that the player does not have access to, which could depend on the Laboratory itself or the specific project’s associated elements and other pertinent structures. Different soldier levels will display visual alterations. Nevertheless, the Laboratory interface will not showcase the enhancements until the upgrade is finalized. Upon completion of a Laboratory upgrade, any relevant soldiers, enchantments, or Assault Engines that have been or are being trained will have the upgrade applied instantly.

At advanced TH levels, Laboratory upgrades can be cumbersome and time-consuming. As a result, one should prioritize upgrades that will be extensively utilized in the future and optionally expedite them with Magical Items. For instance, GoWiPe users should concentrate on Golems, Wizards, P.E.K.K.As, and any supporting enchantments.