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Clash of Clans Laboratory

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  • The Laboratory is a building where you can upgrade your Troops and your Spells. For a single research fee of Elixir or Dark Elixir, or one Hammer of Fighting or Hammer of Spells (which will instantly finish the upgrade), a chosen troop, spell or siege machine’s stats (health, damage, etc.) and cost (not increased for siege machines) will increase by a small amount.
  • If you decide to upgrade your Laboratory while there is research going on, the laboratory upgrade will continue while the laboratory is upgrading, even though it will appear to have continued where it left off when you started the upgrade. The true progress can be seen by re-logging in back into the game, after the Laboratory upgrade is completed.
    • If the unit upgrade would finish while the Laboratory is upgrading, the upgrade will not be completed until the Laboratory upgrade itself is complete.
  • You cannot cancel the research while it is in progress, but you can immediately complete the upgrade. There are two methods to do so: using Gems, or with the relevant Magic Items (a Book of Fighting for troops, a Book of Spells for spells; a Book of Everything can be used for either).
  • The Laboratories emit a purple (level 1-6), blue (level 7), red (level 8) or yellow (level 9-11) glow from the entrances when upgrading a unit.
  • You do not need an available Builder to upgrade in the Laboratory.
  • Different levels of troops will receive graphical changes. However, when you are upgrading a troop, the laboratory interface doesn’t show what it looks like after the upgrade.
  • When a Laboratory upgrade is completed, it is applied immediately to any relevant troops, spells, or siege machines that are present on the village, wherever they may be (whether it is already ready or is being trained at the time that the upgrade completes). You do not have to create new instances of the upgraded unit to benefit from the upgrade.
    • As a result, due to upgraded units having higher creation costs, you can queue the unit being upgraded in the relevant building just before the upgrade finishes, and then un-queue the unit when the upgrade finishes to gain some resources.
  • The upgrades inside the Laboratory take around the same amount of time as upgrading defenses and other buildings, but because players can only perform one laboratory upgrade at a time as opposed to multiple buildings at a time, these laboratory upgrades appear to take longer overall. Therefore, it is often in the player’s best interest to keep the Laboratory running whenever possible. Certain Magic Items, such as the Book of Fighting or the Research Potion, can also help with laboratory research.

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