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Clash of Clans Dark Spell Factory

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  • The Dark Spell Factory allows the player to create Dark Spells using Dark Elixir. There are currently five Dark Spells: the Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell, Haste Spell, Skeleton Spell, and the Bat Spell.
  • The Dark Spell Factory is unlocked at Town Hall 8.
  • It was released on the July 1, 2015 update.
  • All existing Dark Spells take up one housing space in the spell storage, whereas most Elixir spells but the Freeze Spell and Lightning Spell (as of summer 2020 update) take at least two spaces. The total spell storage capacity is shared between the Spell Factory and the Dark Spell Factory. The Dark Spell Factory adds one spell storage capacity to the total spell storage capacity upon construction, but adds no more when it’s upgraded.
  • After the December 2015 update, players can donate one Dark Spell to clanmates if their Clan Castle’s level is 4-6, in which it has one Spell housing space. Two can be donated if the Clan Castle is level 7-9, in which it can hold 2 one-space spells as it has 2 Spell housing space.
  • Upgrading the Dark Spell Factory disables the ability to create new Dark Spells while it upgrades, however any Dark Spells that are in production will continue brewing at the normal rate, and any Dark Spells already complete will be available to the player if there is space for the spells.
  • Players can use 10 Gems or a Training Potion to boost the Dark Spell Factory; this boosts the Spell Factory alongside it and speeds up all spell creation by a factor of four for one hour.
  • Like with the Spell Factory, destroying the Dark Spell Factory in an attack will not disrupt spell creation in any way.

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