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The Treasury serves as a secure storage for bonus rewards acquired from Clan Wars, Clan Games, and Star Bonuses, introduced in the 8.116.2 update. The capacity of the Treasury depends on the player’s Town Hall level and the Clan Perks of their affiliated clan. Notably, the Clan Castle level has no bearing on the Treasury’s capacity.

A mere 3% of the loot held in the Treasury can be plundered if an opponent manages to completely demolish your Clan Castle. Similar to the Town Hall, resources remain safe unless the structure is entirely destroyed. To view and claim your stored loot, simply tap “Treasury.” Keep in mind that collecting loot transfers it to the appropriate storages and cannot be undone. If storage capacities are exceeded, excess loot remains in the Treasury.

Players can earn a loot bonus every 24 hours by achieving five stars in multiplayer battles, which will be stored in the Treasury. Stars earned in Clan Wars, however, do not contribute to the Star Bonus. Revenge attacks began counting towards the Star Bonus after the March 2016 Update. If a player does not achieve all five stars in one day, the remaining stars carry over to the next day, and an additional Star Bonus becomes available. However, only two Star Bonuses can be stacked simultaneously.

By amassing specific amounts of Gold from the Treasury, players can complete the Clan War Wealth achievement, formerly known as Spoils of War and Treasurer.



Players can secure a considerable daily loot by obtaining five stars in battle, with the resource amount depending on their league. This can be effortlessly accomplished in lower leagues, where numerous abandoned bases have exposed Town Halls. Higher leagues offer greater bonuses, so players should strike a balance between potential rewards and competitiveness. Actively participating in Clan Wars can rapidly fill the Treasury, but coordinating attacks with your Clan is essential for maximizing loot gain.


The Treasury offers a secure storage solution for resources, with only 3% of its contents being vulnerable to theft, compared to a minimum of 4% for other resource storages. If your resource storages are relatively empty, it is advantageous to keep any loot in the Treasury, as it reduces the amount available for attackers. Once resource storages approach their loot cap, it is often better to collect from the Treasury since the Clan Castle will offer loot regardless, and adding Treasury loot to the storages will not increase the amount available.

A typical exception to this guideline is when players want to accumulate as much loot as possible after completing a Town Hall upgrade to quickly construct new buildings and upgrades. In this scenario, stockpiling loot in the Treasury for a few days is a viable strategy. Although protecting the Clan Castle is not crucial due to the minimal loot vulnerability, players should still consider centralizing it within their base if it houses defensive troops.