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The Gold Mine extracts gold from an infinite subterranean supply, storing it until the player retrieves it for deposit into a Gold Storage facility. When the mine reaches its capacity, gold production ceases until the player collects the stored gold or an opponent raids the mine. The mine’s output rate and storage limits are contingent upon its level, which can be assessed by examining the small cart situated beside the mine. The Gold Mine occupies a 3×3 space.

Upon electing to upgrade a Gold Mine, any uncollected gold is gathered automatically. However, if your Gold Storages are at capacity, the uncollected gold will be forfeited. During the upgrade process, gold production is temporarily halted. To collect gold from all the gold mines in your base, simply tap a gold mine displaying the gold icon.

At level 5, you can temporarily enhance the Gold Mine’s productivity by utilizing Gems or a Resource Potion. Gems will double the mine’s production for a day, while a Resource Potion will double the production rates of all Home Village resource collectors for the same duration. A brief countdown ensues when you activate the boost. Level 1-4 Gold Mines are ineligible for gem-based boosts but can still benefit from a Resource Potion, provided you possess a collector eligible for gem-based boosts (such as a level 5 or higher Gold Mine or Elixir Collector, or any level of Dark Elixir Drill).

Upgrading a Gold Mine while a boost is in effect will result in the boost’s premature termination, regardless of whether the upgrade is canceled or completed during the boost’s intended duration.


Defensive Strategy

Position your Gold Mines outside your Walls to serve as distractions for units without specific targets, such as Barbarians and Archers. Adversaries can pilfer up to 50% of uncollected gold from your mine, so avoid accumulating excessive uncollected resources to minimize your appeal as a target. If a Gold Mine is demolished while undergoing an upgrade, no gold will be lost as the mine is devoid of gold during the process. Since players cannot steal your loot during a war, Gold Mines do not require protection within your war base.

When farming resources, enclose some or all of your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors within your Walls to make it more difficult for others to plunder uncollected resources. Prioritize higher-level collectors inside your Walls, as they generate more gold and are consequently more valuable.

Offensive Strategy

Scrutinize the locations of Gold Mines when devising your attack plan, as they often have minimal protection and can yield substantial profits, particularly at higher levels. In some cases, a single Archer or Sneaky Goblin can eliminate a Gold Mine without provoking defensive countermeasures (if you are Town Hall 11 or higher). If you notice a rounded gold figure during a raid, it likely indicates that the gold is stored in the Gold Mines rather than the Gold Storages (e.g., 90,000).

Be cautious when selecting targets, as gold mines can divert your troops from their intended objectives. If you encounter an opponent with high-level, fully-stocked collectors, it is advisable to launch an assault, as even a basic Barch army (Barbarians and Archers) can amass significant resources.