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The Spell Tower, a unique defensive structure, becomes available at Town Hall level 15. Unlike conventional defenses that fire projectiles, the Spell Tower employs a spell similar to those used in offensive attacks, affecting its surrounding area. The Spell Tower can utilize one of three different spells, each with varying impacts on both defense and attacking troops.

Initially, the Spell Tower can only utilize Rage Spells. When an enemy unit enters its range, the tower casts a Rage Spell on itself, boosting the damage and movement speed of defenses and defending units within its radius. Upon upgrading to level 2, the Spell Tower gains the ability to launch Poison Spells, which inflict area-of-effect damage over time and slow down enemy troops. At level 3, the Spell Tower can deploy Invisibility Spells, rendering attacking and defending units and buildings within its range invisible when a building in its range is attacked.

The Rage Spell Tower functions as expected for most defenses, with a few exceptions, such as Air Sweeper’s knockback, Bomb Tower and Giga Inferno death damage, Monolith’s percentage bonus damage, poison damage per second from the Giga Inferno and Poison Spell Tower, and trap damage. Defending Heroes are affected but receive only half of the damage and speed increase, while the defending Grand Warden is treated differently and gains the full damage increase.

Each Spell Tower operates using an Activation Radius and an Area-of-Effect (AOE) Radius, with some differences among the three types of towers. The Rage Spell Tower has both Activation and AOE Radii, the Poison Spell Tower only has an Activation Radius, and the Invisibility Spell Tower has only an AOE Radius. The Activation Radius is marked by a white circle, while the AOE Radius is indicated by the respective color of the spell.

The Invisibility Spell Tower does not activate if buildings within its range are damaged by damaging spell attacks, unless the Spell Tower itself is destroyed. Additionally, the Invisibility Spell will not activate unless enemy troops remain within its Activation Radius for at least 1.2 seconds. If not destroyed, the Spell Tower will reload and redeploy its spell after a significant cooldown period. When the Spell Tower is destroyed, the loaded spell activates regardless of whether any enemies have entered its activation radius.

Upgrading the Spell Tower unlocks new spells but does not improve the power of existing spells.

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Defensive Strategy

The Rage Spell Tower is most effective when enhancing the damage output of high-damage defenses like the X-Bow and Giga Inferno. The Builder’s Hut is another viable option for buffing, as the Builder also benefits from the Rage Spell, repairing buildings twice as quickly and moving faster. The ideal placement of the Rage Spell Tower depends on the range of the defenses being buffed.

The Poison Spell Tower effectively counters swarm strategies and can slow down enemy units targeting critical structures. However, multiple Poison Spell Towers do not stack their damage, as the poison ramps to its maximum damage almost instantly.

The Invisibility Spell Tower can protect valuable targets from being quickly destroyed, making it especially effective against time-sensitive attacks such as Sneaky Goblin raids on the Town Hall or Archer Queen ability activations.

Offensive Strategy

Freeze Spells can be used to prevent the Spell Tower from activating its spell. This strategy is particularly effective against Invisibility Spell Towers. However, Freeze Spells have no effect on the Spell Tower’s recharge timer or activated spells. To counter a Poison Spell Tower, use a small force to trigger the tower before deploying the main attack force. Similar tactics can be used to activate a Rage Spell Tower prematurely.

The Invisibility Spell Tower can be triggered remotely using long-ranged attacks, such as the Log Launcher’s logs or the Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield ability. The Electro Titan’s aura can damage invisible buildings, and Freeze Spells remain effective against invisible defenses.

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Upgrade Differences

The Spell Tower resembles the Gold Storage in many aspects, featuring a Spring Trap in its center that activates when the tower is triggered. As the spell is deployed, the side handle rotates automatically, slowly lowering the spring to reload the next spell from beneath the tower.

At level 1, the Spell Tower has a plain dark purple exterior with a silver triangle on the side. Upon reaching level 2, the tower gains an “Aztec” design at its base, with magenta accents and gold highlights, while retaining the silver triangle. At level 3, the magenta extends to the sides of the tower, covering the wood underneath. The triangle turns gold, as do the edges of the gear peeking out of the tower and the crank handle.

The Poison Spell Tower is unique in that it features metal spike-like protrusions on its spring. This design choice may be related to the fact that it is the only version of the tower that needs to launch its spell at an angle, while the Rage Spell and Invisibility Spell Towers simply release their respective spells straight up.