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The Cannon serves as a focused defense, inflicting moderate damage to a single target. It is the initial defensive structure constructed by players when embarking on their Clash of Clans journey, mandatory to build during the tutorial.

At lower levels, Cannons offer the advantage of being both inexpensive and quick to upgrade. While they can effectively target ground units like Barbarians and Archers, they lack the ability to attack airborne units such as Dragons and Balloons.

As players progress to level 7, attainable at Town Hall 6, the Master Builder gains the capability to enhance a Cannon, transforming it into a Double Cannon appearance. This upgrade, however, necessitates having at least one Double Cannon at level 4 or higher in the Builder Base, requiring Builder Hall 4.

Clash of Clans Cannon


Defensive Strategy

Cannons serve as an excellent deterrent against Wall Breakers due to their high rate of fire and decent range, particularly effective against low-hitpoint units. They can also target and eliminate Archers or Wizards that are used to create a funnel during attacks.

When positioned strategically, Cannons are highly useful in diverting Giants away from other defenses, protecting crucial structures like Mortars and Wizard Towers.

To maximize their effectiveness, it’s essential to place Cannons within range of Air Defenses or, at the very least, within the range of an Archer Tower or Wizard Tower that can target air units. This ensures a coordinated defense against both ground and air attacks.

At lower levels, prioritize upgrading Cannons and Mortars as they form a critical part of your ground defense and are relatively affordable. Being common defensive structures, investing in Cannons early on provides a solid foundation for your overall defense.

Given their role as point defenses, situating Cannons slightly outside the main base can enhance their efficacy in repelling enemy attacks.

At Town Hall 5 and beyond, placing two Cannons close together can deter attackers who often aim for Archer Towers using Giants, turning the Cannons into “shotguns” that make short work of Giants.

However, it’s important to note that geared-up Cannons have limitations against swarms of smaller troops due to their slow rate of fire. While they deal substantial damage, their cannonballs may prove ineffective against numerous smaller enemies, leading to their easy overwhelm. On the other hand, geared-up Cannons excel against single, high-hitpoint targets like Giants, Hog Riders, Valkyries, isolated Miners, Golems, Ice Golems, and P.E.K.K.As. Placing them deeper within the base maximizes their damage potential. This strategy is most effective for town halls 7 to 11.

Offensive Strategy

As Cannons are unable to attack air units, they become vulnerable to aerial assaults by Balloons, Dragons, or Minions if not protected within the range of Air Defenses, Archer Towers, X-Bows (on both ground and air modes), Hidden Teslas, or Wizard Towers.

Due to their limited capacity to damage only one unit at a time, Cannons can be overwhelmed by large groups of Archers or Barbarians. Additionally, higher health units such as Giants or P.E.K.K.As can easily overpower them.

Solo troops like the Super Barbarian or Valkyrie can take down a Cannon even when surrounded by less threatening buildings, provided the Cannon lacks sufficient support.

To succeed in offensive attacks, players should identify and exploit the vulnerabilities of Cannons while ensuring their attacking units are adequately supported and strategically deployed.

Cannon Important Info

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
90.8sSingle TargetGround

Gear Up Stats

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
7four-shot volley every 1.6 secondsSingle TargetGround

Gear Up Cost (gold)Gear Up TimeHome Village Cannon Level RequiredDouble Cannon Level Required

Clash of Clans Cannon Upgrade Chart

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsBuild Cost (gold)Build TimeExperience GainedTown Hall Level Required
128769.61,1601,200,0001d 6h32810
13100801,2601,700,0002d 6h44010
1511894.41,5003,200,0004d 6h60511
1612499.21,6204,400,0005d 12h68912
171301041,7405,600,0007d 12h80412
19146116.82,0007,800,0009d 12h90513
20154123.22,15016,500,00016d 6h1,18414