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The Builder’s Hut serves as a storage facility for Builders when they are not actively upgrading structures. Each hut can accommodate only a single Builder. After completing the tutorial, players receive two Builder’s Huts, with three more available for purchase using Gems. Builders are essential for constructing and upgrading buildings, walls, and clearing obstacles, as well as placing and upgrading heroes. However, decorations and traps can be placed without requiring a Builder.

Clash of Clans Builders Hut

As the duration of upgrade timers increases later in the game, having extra Builders becomes increasingly beneficial. By default, players start with two Builder’s Huts. The first hut is already built when you start the game, while the second hut, costing 250 Gems, is built during the tutorial using half of your initial 500 Gem allotment.

Collecting enough Gems to construct all five Builder’s Huts is achievable through in-game Achievements, which yield a total of 8,687 Gems. Additionally, Gems can be acquired indefinitely by clearing obstacles like plants and rocks, with plants regrowing every eight hours. Gem Boxes, which provide 25 Gems each, appear every one to two weeks.

Excluding Achievements, acquiring enough Gems to purchase the remaining three Builder Huts solely through clearing obstacles takes approximately 542 days. This figure drops to around 388 days if the Gem Box interval is estimated at 1.5 weeks (10.5 days).

Obtaining Builders

  1. The first Builder’s Hut is given to players for free.
  2. The second Builder’s Hut is purchased during the tutorial for 250 Gems.
  3. The third Builder’s Hut, costing 500 Gems, can be obtained in various ways: a. Clear obstacles (particularly Gem Boxes) and complete small achievements to accumulate 500 Gems. b. Earn 465 Gems by reaching 1,250 Trophies through the Sweet Victory achievement. Combined with other achievements, this is enough to obtain the third Builder. c. Purchase the Builder Pack for USD $4.99, which includes the Builder and 500 Gems.
  4. The fourth Builder’s Hut, costing 1,000 Gems, can be acquired by: a. Reaching the Master League and earning 1,000 Gems through the League All-Star Achievement. b. Gradually collecting Gems by removing obstacles such as trees and bushes. c. Purchasing the Builder Pack for USD $9.99 (or £4.49 GBP), which includes the fourth Builder and 1,200 Gems.
  5. The fifth Builder’s Hut, costing 2,000 Gems, can be obtained by: a. Reaching the Champion League and earning 2,000 Gems through the League All-Star Achievement. b. Purchasing the Builder Pack for USD $19.99, which includes the Builder and 2,000 Gems.

Another way to obtain extra Builders is by constructing the Master Builder’s Hut. The Master Builder can then be used as an additional Builder in the Home Village. This requires a max-level O.T.T.O Hut in the Builder Base, available only at Builder Hall 9.

As a Defensive Structure Once the Town Hall reaches level 14, the Builder’s Hut can be upgraded to include a short-range turret that attacks enemies. The corresponding Builder can then repair nearby buildings instead of retreating to the Town Hall. When weaponized, the Builder’s Hut is considered a defensive structure and is targeted by defense-seeking troops such as Giants.

While clustering Builder’s Huts together to maximize repair efficiency may seem appealing, the huts are relatively weak and can be easily overwhelmed. It is more effective to spread them out, allowing them to focus on repairing individual buildings attacked by stray troops or the Barbarian King.

The Builder will repair damaged buildings during battle as long as his Builder’s Hut remains intact. The Builder is not considered a defensive troop, as attacking units cannot target or damage him. However, he can be affected by Spells:

  • A defensive Rage Spell, deployed by a Spell Tower or defending Super Valkyrie, increases his repair rate and movement speed.
  • An attacker’s Poison Spell slows his repair rate.
  • An attacker’s Freeze Spell halts his repairing altogether.
  • An attacker’s Lightning Spell briefly stuns him and forces him to re-target.
  • An Invisibility Spell, whether dropped by a Spell Tower or an attacker, makes surrounding buildings invisible, preventing him from repairing the affected structures.

The Builder is unable to repair Walls or completely destroyed buildings. If his Builder’s Hut is destroyed, he will retreat into a hidden bunker and cease participating in the battle.

When multiple Builders repair the same building, their combined repair rate per second is slightly lower than their individual repair output. For example, five maxed Builder’s Huts will yield a combined repair rate of approximately 264 repair per second, which translates to roughly a 12% loss.


Defensive Strategy

  • Position Builder’s Huts in the corners of your village to potentially waste opponents’ time during an attack, possibly resulting in a 2-star defeat instead of a 3-star loss. However, this makes them vulnerable to single Archers or Barbarians.
  • Use Builder’s Huts like Walls or other buildings to extend the no-spawn zone for troops.
  • Strategically place Builder’s Huts to lead enemy troops in a desirable direction, away from high-value targets such as Mortars and Air Defenses.
  • When weaponized, Builder’s Huts can counter early Earthquake Spells placed before the main army’s deployment by mitigating some or all of the damage caused to buildings.
  • It is not recommended to hide weaponized Builder’s Huts in the corner of the base, as they are too weak to handle a full army or even a single powerful funneling troop like a Baby Dragon.

Offensive Strategy

  • Attackers should scout for Builder’s Huts or other buildings in corners and can counter this by deploying one or two Barbarians or Archers at each building at the beginning of a battle.
  • Use corner buildings to lure Clan Castle troops without being targeted by defenses.
  • A level 5 or higher Lightning Spell can destroy a non-weaponized Builder’s Hut (two spells are needed otherwise). Once weaponized, the hut’s hit points increase, requiring up to three maxed Lightning Spells to destroy it.
  • A sufficiently leveled Royal Champion can destroy a weaponized Builder’s Hut in one hit using the Seeking Shield ability.


Build Cost (first):Free
Build Cost (second):250 Gem
Build Cost (third):500 Gem
Build Cost (fourth):1,000 Gem
Build Cost (fifth):2,000 Gem
Build Time:N/A