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The X-Bow, a swift, single-target turret, becomes accessible at Town Hall level 9. To function, the X-Bow must be loaded, which occurs automatically upon logging into the game and is free of charge. However, if it discharges enough shots without reloading, it will eventually deplete its ammunition and cease firing. One X-Bow expends all its ammo in 3 minutes and 12 seconds. The X-Bow features two settings: Ground Mode, targeting ground troops within a 14-tile range, and Ground and Air Mode, targeting both ground and air units but at a reduced 11.5-tile range.

Clash of Clans X-Bow Level 4



A strategically positioned and loaded X-Bow can overwhelm attacks, but it should not be the front-line defense. With the second-longest range among damage-inflicting defenses, it is optimally placed behind other defenses, typically at the base’s center. Ensure your X-Bow remains loaded by periodically logging into the game. An unloaded X-Bow not only wastes space but also signals a potentially neglected base, tempting others to raid you.

Though the X-Bow fires rapidly, each shot inflicts relatively minor damage but with high damage per second. Support it with powerful defenses like Mortars or Wizard Towers to swiftly eliminate enemies. Given the prevalence of Balloon and Minion-based attacks around Town Hall 9 in Clan Wars and regular raids, it is advisable to set X-Bows to Air and Ground Mode for both farming and war bases. This setting remains useful at higher levels for additional aerial defense against air attacks such as Lavaloon, Electro Dragons, or Bat-based attacks, or when Air Defenses are being upgraded and are unavailable.


The X-Bow has virtually no weaknesses (apart from vulnerability to swarms) unless configured to ground-only mode, which can be determined by its angle. When horizontal, it targets only ground troops, but when tilted upwards, it can attack air units as well. With its long range, the X-Bow can lock onto a unit for an extended period, allowing it to snipe at troops on the outer areas of your base when positioned near the center. In Ground and Air mode, it can counteract the effects of the Healer and also counter the Queen Walk strategy, which involves the Archer Queen and Healers, supported by other buildings.

To attack an X-Bow, approach it as you would a longer-ranged Cannon or Archer Tower, but remember that it can quickly decimate many units. Distract it with high-health troops like Giants, Golems, or P.E.K.K.As, and demolish it with large groups of attackers such as Archers or Barbarians. Attackers can visually determine whether the defender’s X-Bow is loaded or not and its targeting mode (ground-only or both ground and air). Exploit ground-only X-Bows by deploying air units to destroy them first. An empty X-Bow is entirely ineffective but must still be eliminated for 100% destruction, and troops that prioritize attacking defenses (e.g., Giants and Balloons) will target an unloaded X-Bow if it is closer to them than an active defense.

Town Hall Level12345678910
Number Available0000000023
RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type TargetedNumber of RoundsSize
110.128sSingle TargetGround & Air15003×3
140.128sSingle TargetGround15003×3


Ground and AirGround Only


LevelDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsCost to LoadCostBuild TimeExperience
Town Hall
Level Required
Shot Color
1506.41,50050,0003,000,0007 days7779Purple
2607.681,90060,0005,000,00010 days9299Gold
3759.62,40070,0007,000,00014 days1,0999Dark Blue
48010.242,80080,0008,000,00014 days1,09910Orange



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