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The X-Bow is an advanced defensive structure available at Town Hall level 9, renowned for its rapid-fire capability against single targets.

To function, the X-Bow requires loading, a process that occurs automatically and free of charge when the player logs into the game. However, if the X-Bow fires numerous shots without reloading, it will eventually deplete its ammunition and cease firing.

The unloading process, during which the X-Bow fires all its ammunition, takes approximately 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

The X-Bow offers two configurable modes: Ground Mode and Air & Ground Mode. In Ground Mode, it can target ground troops within an impressive range of 14 tiles. On the other hand, in Air & Ground Mode, it can engage both ground and air units, albeit at a slightly reduced range of 11.5 tiles.

Clash of Clans X-Bow Level 4



For maximum effectiveness, position the X-Bow as a dominant defensive force, but avoid placing it at the frontline. With its impressive range, second only to a select few defenses, it is best situated behind other defensive structures, typically in the center of the base.

Ensure the X-Bow remains loaded by logging into the game regularly. An unloaded X-Bow not only wastes space but also signals neglect, enticing others to launch raids against your base.

Though each shot from the X-Bow inflicts relatively small damage, its rapid rate of fire results in high damage per second. Strengthen its impact by supporting it with powerful defenses like Mortars or Wizard Towers to swiftly eliminate enemy forces.

In Clan Wars and regular raids around Town Hall 9, Balloon and Minion-focused attacks are prevalent. Therefore, setting X-Bows to Air and Ground mode in both farming and war bases is recommended. Even at higher levels, maintaining this mode proves advantageous against aerial assaults like Lavaloon, Electro Dragons, Bat-based attacks, or when Air Defenses are undergoing upgrades and are unavailable.


The X-Bow boasts virtually no weaknesses (aside from vulnerability to swarms) unless it is set to ground-only mode, which is identifiable by its angle. When horizontal to the ground, it targets ground troops exclusively, but when tilted upward, it can also engage air units.

Due to its long range, the X-Bow can lock onto a unit for an extended period, making it effective in sniping at troops on the outer edges of your base. In Air & Ground mode, it counters the Healer’s effects and also disrupts the Queen Walk strategy, involving the Archer Queen and Healers, with support from other buildings.

To successfully attack an X-Bow, treat it like a long-ranged Cannon or Archer Tower. However, remember that many units can be swiftly eliminated by this defense. Distract the X-Bow with high-health troops like Giants, Golems, or P.E.K.K.As, and dispatch it with a sizable group of attackers such as Archers or Barbarians.

Attacking players can discern if the defender’s X-Bow is loaded or not. Although the exact amount of Elixir left is not visible, a loaded X-Bow will display a small box containing what appears to be small Elixir bolts. Conversely, an unloaded X-Bow lacks this box, and its bowstring is missing.

Players can also determine if the X-Bow is set to ground-only or both ground and air. Exploit ground-only X-Bows by deploying air units to destroy them first.

An empty X-Bow is completely ineffectual and won’t fire. Despite this, it must be eliminated to achieve 100% destruction, and troops that prioritize attacking defenses (like Giants and Balloons) will still target an unloaded X-Bow if it’s closer to them than an active defense.

X-Bow Important Info

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available000000002344444

Clash of Clans X-Bow Upgrade Chart

LevelDP/SecDP/ShoHPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
49512.162,7003,400,0005d 6h67310
5125163,1004,900,0006d 6h73411
717021.763,9008,300,0009d 12h90513

Air & Ground Mode Statistics

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeNumber of Rounds
140.128sSingle Target1,500