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The Level 12 Town Hall is unique, as it features a Giga Tesla. This powerful weapon is incorporated into the Town Hall upon completion of the Level 12 upgrade. The Giga Tesla inflicts substantial damage per second to several targets simultaneously, activating when the Town Hall suffers damage (from troops or spells) or when 51% of the base is demolished.

Before the Giga Tesla activates, the Town Hall is not considered a defensive structure during battles, and defense-targeting troops, such as Giants, will not attack it while other defenses remain intact. Once the Giga Tesla is operational, these troops can target the Town Hall alongside existing defenses.

When the Giga Tesla reaches Level 5, it not only deals its standard damage but also functions as an explosive device that detonates when the Town Hall is destroyed, similar to the Bomb Tower. Giga Tesla levels are indicated by the number of stars visible when tapping on a Level 12 Town Hall and by Roman numerals on the Town Hall’s side.


The Giga Tesla poses a significant threat, particularly when upgraded to target three or four troops concurrently. Its power is comparable to a multi-targeting Inferno Tower, albeit with increased force. A Freeze Spell can be employed to halt the Giga Tesla’s destructive capabilities, preventing damage to your troops.

In some instances, activating the Giga Tesla may be disadvantageous, as defense-targeting troops, such as Giants, Balloons, and Golems, can then attack the Town Hall. To counter this, placing a single-target Inferno Tower nearby is beneficial.

Using a single Earthquake Spell to activate the Giga Tesla can be helpful, allowing defense-targeting troops like Balloons to target and approach the Town Hall. This tactic is most effective when troops are close to the Town Hall, minimizing the Giga Tesla’s firing time on the troops.

Deploying a Healing Spell on troops under Giga Tesla attack can mitigate most, if not all, of the inflicted damage. Similar to the multi-target Inferno Tower, the Giga Tesla’s full damage potential is not utilized when attacking a single target. As a result, Queen Charges assaulting the Town Hall (if unprotected by other defenses) can typically take it down, provided Healers remain at a safe distance. However, higher-level Giga Teslas may cause more damage than Healers can independently repair, necessitating a Rage Spell to increase their effectiveness.

When confronting a Level 5 Giga Tesla, prepare for its explosion upon destruction, as it can eliminate numerous smaller troops, such as Bowlers and Balloons, and significantly harm larger troops and heroes. The Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability can be employed to shield your troops from the explosion’s damage.

Miners can burrow underground before the explosion occurs, making them an excellent counter to the Town Hall, as they will be safe unless they resurface too soon. The explosion’s radius, while considerable, is smaller than the Giga Tesla’s range. Long-ranged units like the Archer Queen can avoid the blast if they do not approach the Town Hall before it explodes. This tactic is useful when sniping a Level 12 Town Hall.

If the Town Hall is isolated with ample empty space surrounding it, as is often the case in anti-2-star bases, using a lone Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp (filled with high-damage Clan Castle troops, such as P.E.K.K.As, Valkyries, or Balloons) to target the Town Hall while the rest of the army clears the surrounding buildings can be advantageous. If you successfully destroy the Town Hall with the Siege Machine, the explosion will likely only impact the Clan Castle troops used for the attack, allowing you to utilize the Warden’s ability elsewhere (for example, against the Eagle Artillery).