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Decorations are purely aesthetic objects. They have no active purpose in the defense or production of your village, except maybe for funneling.

  • All building times for decorations are instantaneous.
  • Players don’t need a free builder to place or build decorations.
  • Decorations can be sold to retrieve 10% of the purchase price for the item(s).
  • Decorations are various: National flags, flower beds, statues, flags, torches, weather vanes and ancient skulls.
  • Clan Castle troops cannot be placed on decorations.

Clash of Clans Buildings

Defensive BuildingsCannonArcher TowerMortarAir DefenseWizard TowerAir SweeperHidden TeslaX-BowInferno TowerEagle ArtilleryWallsTraps
Resource BuildingsTown HallGold MineElixir CollectorDark Elixir DrillGold StorageElixir StorageDark Elixir StorageBuilder's HutClan Castle (Treasury)
Army BuildingsArmy CampBarracksDark BarracksLaboratorySpell FactoryDark Spell FactoryBarbarian King AltarArcher Queen AltarGrand Warden Altar
Other BuildingsDecorationsObstaclesLoot Cart