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Clash of Clans Battle Machine Altar

By April 25th, 2022No Comments
  • The Battle Machine Altar is the Altar for the Battle Machine and is currently the only Altar in the Builder Base.
  • The Altar is one of the three ruins found on the Builder Base, the others being the Gem Mine and Clock Tower. It is already in the Builder Base when you first enter it, albeit in a broken state. It can be repaired at Builder Hall level 5; doing so will unlock the Battle Machine.
  • Unlike other hero Altars, this Altar has a seat on top. The set is painted red with a golden hammer as well as a rim.
    • When inactive, the Battle Machine would sit on its Altar as it is a machine and needs the Master Builder to control it.
  • The Battle Machine does not defend during a battle, unlike the other Heroes in the Home Village.
  • The Altar is considered a regular building in battle, not a defense.

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