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Clash of Clans Star Laboratory

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  • The Star Laboratory is unlocked at Builder Hall level two.
    • It is automatically upgraded to Level 1.
    • At Builder Hall level one, it is ruined.
  • The Star Laboratory allows the player to upgrade their troops, much like the Laboratory in the Home Village.
  • Like in the Laboratory, if the Star Laboratory is upgraded while research is in progress, the research will continue as if the Star Laboratory was not upgraded at all, but with one exception: if an upgrade within the Star Laboratory would complete while the Star Laboratory itself is being upgraded, the upgrade will not complete until the Star Laboratory finishes upgrading.
  • Troops are upgraded using Builder Elixir. Upgrades may improve their hitpoints, damage, their special ability, or the number of the same type of troop that is able to fit into one Army Camp.
    • All troops unlock their special abilities at level two, except the Night Witch, whose ability is unlocked at level four. The abilities improve as a troop is upgraded.

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