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Clash of Clans Army Camp – Builder Base

By April 24th, 2022No Comments
  • The Army Camp houses Builder Base Troops which you can use for Versus Battles.
  • Army Camps take up a 3×3 space.
  • Each Army Camp houses one particular type of troop, rather than collectively housing a combination of troops. The number of troops that each Army Camp can house will depend on the level of that troop.
  • Each camp trains instantaneously and does not cost any Builder Elixir. Ruined Army Camp
  • You must have all your Army Camps full before you can start a Versus Battle.
    • All the troops in the Army Camps that are trained will be used up even if you do not deploy them, though this is not a significant issue because of the instant training.
  • The build cost and build time for the Army Camp increases the more Army Camps you own. At Builder Hall level 8, you can have a maximum of six Army Camps.
  • Unlike Army Camps in the Home Village, they cannot be upgraded. However, most troops allow more of their kind to fit in a single Army Camp if they are sufficiently upgraded in the Star Laboratory.

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