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Clash of Clans Builder Barracks

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  • The Builder Barracks trains Builder Base Troops. Unlike the Home Village Barracks/Dark Barracks, however, the Builder Barracks does not require any kind of resource to produce Builder Base Troops.
  • The Builder Barracks is unlocked at Builder Hall level 2.
  • The troops trained by the Builder Barracks are stored in the Army Camps.
  • You can only have 1 Builder Barracks; however, troop training is instantaneous and the troops trained there can be freely changed in the training interface, or before a Versus Battle starts.
    • The Builder Barracks is still able to train troops even when being upgraded, unlike Barracks in the Home Village.
  • Builder Base Troops exhibit special abilities that manifest when sufficiently upgraded; these abilities are unlocked when upgraded to level 2, except for the Night Witch, who unlocks her ability at level 4. These abilities usually power them up temporarily after being deployed, or activates when they are destroyed.

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