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Clash of Clans Spell Factory

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  • The Spell Factory allows the player to create spells using Elixir. There are currently 6 permanently in-the-game spells: the Lightning Spell, Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, Freeze Spell and Clone Spell. There was one limited edition holiday-themed spell called the Santa’s Surprise that was released around Christmas 2012.
  • The Spell Factory takes up a 3×3 space.
  • The spells themselves can be used in battle by selecting a previously created spell and clicking on the enemy’s village. The spell can be placed anywhere, bypassing walls or buildings, and it cannot be destroyed by any defenses.
  • Although multiple instances of a single spell may be created (up to the maximum allowed by the spell storage capacities of the Spell Factory), each spell instance can only be used once. Once you have used a spell, you must create it again in order to use it in your next battle.
  • You will not lose your spells if your Spell Factory is destroyed during the defense of your village, nor will its destruction disrupt or pause spell creation in any way.
  • If you upgrade the Spell Factory while it is creating spells, the spells will continue brewing during the upgrade, and will be available as soon as they are complete. It is not possible to start creating new elixir spells during the upgrade. If you have any spells already created when you start the upgrade, you will be able to use these in a raid.
  • You can speed up the creation of spells with gems and there is also an ability to boost spell production for 1 hour. The boost option costs 10 Gems and will increase the speed of the boosted Spell Factory by a factor of four.
    • Note: The boost timer will continue to count down even if you aren’t creating spells, so don’t boost your Spell Factory until you are ready to use it.
    • When you click to boost the Spell Factory a clock appears for a few seconds.
  • Players can donate one 2-space Elixir Spell to clanmates, provided that the clanmates have Clan Castle level 7 or higher. Players can also donate the 1-space Freeze Spell to clanmates with Clan Castle level 4 or higher.
  • The Spell Factory is one of the first buildings that you can max out. You can max it out at th10 along with the Dark Spell Factory.

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