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The Giga Inferno serves as an enhanced defense mechanism for the level 13 Town Hall. Rather than a completely new weapon, it is more of an advanced version of the Giga Tesla with a modified appearance, akin to other defenses that undergo upgrades. Although the Giga Inferno’s name and attack effect differ from the Giga Tesla, their basic functions remain the same.

The majority of the level 5 Giga Tesla’s characteristics, such as its DPS, range, number of targets, and damage upon destruction, persist in the level 1 Giga Inferno. The only modification is the attack speed: the Giga Inferno’s inferno beams, similar to the Inferno Tower, allow for a faster attack than the Giga Tesla. However, this advantage is offset by reduced damage per hit. The inferno beams’ retargeting time is equivalent to the Giga Tesla’s electric arcs, but the Giga Inferno has less overflow damage.

The Giga Inferno can simultaneously inflict high damage per second on multiple targets. It becomes active either when the Town Hall is damaged or when 51% of the base is destroyed.

Before the Giga Inferno is activated during a battle, the Town Hall is not considered a defensive building, so defense-targeting troops such as Giants will not attack it while other defenses are intact. Once the Giga Inferno is engaged, these troops can target the Town Hall in addition to existing defenses.

Upon upgrading the Giga Inferno to level 3 or higher, its normal damage is accompanied by a slowing effect from the death bomb when the Town Hall is destroyed. This effect increases in duration with each upgrade. Unlike the Freeze Spell’s freezing effect, the Giga Inferno’s explosion only slows the attacking troops’ movement and attack speed, resembling the Ice Golem or Ice Hound attacking a defense and reducing its fire rate.

The Giga Inferno’s levels are indicated by the number of stars visible when tapping on a Town Hall 13. Roman numerals on the Town Hall’s side also display the Giga Inferno’s level inside. This information is more crucial than the Giga Tesla’s denotation, as the visual upgrade difference between the Town Hall and the weapon itself is less pronounced.

Strategies and Tips

The Giga Inferno can pose a significant threat, comparable to a multi-targeting Inferno Tower with even greater damage output. To prevent it from decimating your troops, consider using a Freeze Spell on the Giga Inferno.

At level 2, the Giga Inferno’s damage per target matches that of a level 7 single-target Inferno Tower’s middle tier.

The Giga Inferno’s increased firing rate enables it to rapidly eliminate swarms of smaller units compared to the Giga Tesla, making even a level 1 Giga Inferno a formidable opponent.

Triggering the Giga Inferno can sometimes be detrimental for the defending side, as defense-targeting troops (e.g., Giants, Balloons, Golems) can then attack the Town Hall. Positioning a single-target Inferno Tower nearby can help counter this situation.

Using a single Earthquake Spell to activate the Giga Inferno allows defense-targeting troops, such as Balloons, to target and path towards the Town Hall. Ideally, this should be done when these troops are in close proximity to the Town Hall, minimizing the Giga Inferno’s firing time.

The Giga Inferno, like the multi-target Inferno Tower and Giga Tesla, cannot reach its full damage output when attacking only one target. Queen Charges can typically take down the Town Hall (if no other defenses are protecting it) as long as Healers remain out of range. However, Giga Infernos, particularly at higher levels, can inflict more damage than Healers can counteract on their own, so a Rage Spell may be necessary to enhance their healing capabilities.

When confronting a Giga Inferno, be prepared for its explosion upon destruction, as it can easily eliminate numerous smaller troops, such as Bowlers and Balloons, and substantially harm larger troops and heroes. The Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability can help protect your troops from the explosion’s damage but will not prevent the freezing effect.

Miners can burrow before the explosion occurs, ensuring their safety as long as they don’t resurface too soon.

The explosion’s radius is smaller than the Giga Inferno’s range, so long-ranged units like the Archer Queen can avoid the blast if they don’t move towards the Town Hall before it explodes.

If the Town Hall is isolated with a significant empty space around it, as is often the case in anti 2-star bases, it can be beneficial to deploy a lone Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp (loaded with high-damage Clan Castle troops, such as P.E.K.K.As, Valkyries, or Balloons) to target the Town Hall while using the rest of your army to clear surrounding buildings. If you manage to destroy the Town Hall with the Siege Machine, the explosion will likely only impact the Clan Castle troops used in the attack, allowing you to utilize the Warden’s ability elsewhere (e.g., against the Eagle Artillery).