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The Dark Elixir Storage serves as a resource structure designed to enhance a player’s capacity for Dark Elixir. It becomes accessible at Town Hall level 7, concurrently with the Dark Elixir Drill. The storage unit showcases a transparent, rectangular form, and its cube-like appearance results from the powerful nature of Dark Elixir.

A percentage of the Dark Elixir within the storage (6%, 5%, or 4% based on the Town Hall level) can be plundered by adversaries, up to a maximum of 4,500 units or none for players in the Legend League. However, loot penalties might affect this amount (refer to Raids for details). Upgrading the Dark Elixir Storage beyond your storage needs can potentially safeguard your Dark Elixir during an assault. Since attackers obtain Dark Elixir based on the damage inflicted, a higher health storage unit yields less Dark Elixir per hit. Additionally, the upgraded building takes longer to destroy, allowing your defenses more time to eliminate the attacker before they can seize the available Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir Storages continue to function fully while undergoing upgrades, consistent with other storage structures. If a player acquires Dark Elixir without the capacity to store it, the excess will be lost, but it will still contribute to the Heroic Heist Achievement.

Owing to the limited Dark Elixir cap, it can be challenging to determine if the Dark Elixir Storage is full. For instance, a Town Hall 9 player with a level 6 Dark Elixir Storage containing almost 36,000 Dark Elixir and nearly 7,200 Dark Elixir in the Town Hall (close to the 2,500 cap) would be under 20% full, giving the appearance of being empty.

Dark Elixir is among the most challenging resources to acquire, rivaled only by Gems. As a result, many players prioritize protecting their Dark Elixir Storage to the best of their abilities. Following the July 2015 update, all storage types no longer suffer damage from spells. This change was implemented in response to the notorious strategy of using the Lightning spell to pilfer Dark Elixir by targeting this structure. The Earthquake spell remains unaffected, as it was introduced in the same update.