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Elixir Storage serves as a secure repository for your valuable Elixir, enabling you to save it for future enhancements. The volume of Elixir an opponent can plunder is contingent upon the defending player’s Town Hall level (refer to the Percent Lootable by Town Hall Level section).

When your Elixir Storages reach capacity, additional Elixir obtained from battles will not be added to your Elixir Storage, but will still contribute to the total amount of loot seized from the player. This excess Elixir also counts towards the Elixir Escapade Achievement. Elixir Storages continue to operate effectively even during upgrades.

Elevating your Elixir Storage beyond your current needs for storage capacity can provide added protection during a raid. Attackers obtain Elixir in proportion to the percentage of damage inflicted per strike; therefore, a more robust upgraded structure results in less Elixir loss per hit. Moreover, a higher-level Elixir Storage takes more time to demolish, affording your defenses extra time to eliminate the attacker before they can pilfer the entirety of the available Elixir.

The Elixir Storage serves as a counterpart to the Gold Storage, and the reverse holds true as well. Intriguingly, despite its primary function of storing Elixir, upgrades to the Elixir Storage require Gold as currency.