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Clash of Clans Archer Towers are extremely versatile and have an excellent range. They are an important part of every player’s base defense.

Archer Towers are a single target defense in the Home Village and the second defense available to players, unlocked at Town Hall 2.

Gearing Up Archer Towers

  • At level 10, an Archer Tower can be geared up by the Master Builder if he is available and at least one Archer Tower in the Builder Base is upgraded to level 6.
  • This gives the Archer Tower a “Fast Attack” mode, which increases its damage output at the expense of its range, like the Archer Towers in Builder Base.

Defensive Strategy

  • Archer Towers can target both Ground and Air Units at an amazing distance. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to place them on the outer perimeter of the village. Doing so allows players to capitalize on the excellent range and provides good coverage for the rest of the defenses.
  • As Archer Towers have the ability to target both Ground and Air Units, a good strategy would be to place all of the other defenses within range of at least one Archer Tower.
  • It is typically a good idea to upgrade Archer Towers before you upgrade Cannons. Although they are more expensive and take longer to upgrade than similar-level Cannons, Archer Towers have more range and can target air units as well as ground units.
  • It is typically wise to put an Archer Tower near a Cannon or Mortar due to the fact that neither of these two defenses can target air units.
  • Place Fast-Attack Archer Towers in particular weak-spots or possible “Queen Walk” areas. It can quickly take down any sponges such as Giants, P.E.K.K.As, Dragons and even Lava Hounds, and also can deal damage to a queen in a queen walk.
  • Placing a Wizard Tower or Air Bomb near an archer tower can help with its single-target weakness, especially against hordes of minions and balloon parades.

Offensive Strategy

  • Their ability to target both Ground and Air Units makes Archer Towers formidable defenders. However, Archer Towers are only able to damage one unit at a time. This makes it very easy to overwhelm them with large groups of Archers or Barbarians.
  • When deploying only a few Balloons, it is advisable to keep them away from an Archer Tower, as their slow movement speed makes them an easy target. However, Balloons deployed in large numbers will quickly destroy an Archer Tower while only losing one or two Balloons. After the Archer Towers (and Air Defenses) are taken out, the Balloons will proceed to destroy the rest of the village (although Wizard Towers and time can still be a problem). You can also place a group of Archers (around 15-25) and let them do the work.
  • The best choices for attack are high health troops combined with low health, high attack Troops, as the high health troops will soak up all the damage, leaving the low health ones to attack.
  • At higher levels, archer towers are placed outside walls with low-health buildings. Strong solo troops like a Super Barbarian or a Valkyrie can destroy it.

Clash of Clans Archer Tower Important Info

Archer Tower/Home Village by Town Hall Level

Town Hall Level12345678910111213
Number Available0112334567888
RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
100.5sSingle TargetGround & Air

Gear Up Stats

Gear Up CostGear Up TimeHome Village Archer Tower Level RequiredBuilder Base Archer Tower Level Required
4,000,000 Gold7d106

Clash of Clans Archer Tower Upgrade Chart

LevelDP/SecDP/ShoHPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
1170358902,000,0001d 12h3609

*DP/Sec: Damage per Second *DP/Sho Damage Per Shot *HP hitpoints *TH Required Town Hall level required

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