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Archer Towers serve as single-target defenses in the Home Village, unlocked at Town Hall 2. As the second defense available to players and the first to target aerial troops, Archer Towers are highly versatile structures, capable of targeting ground and air units with their remarkable range. This flexibility makes them an essential component of every player’s defense strategy.

Beginning at level 10 (available at Town Hall 8), the Master Builder can gear up an Archer Tower, provided that he is available and at least one Archer Tower in the Builder Base has been upgraded to level 6 (available at Builder Hall 6). This upgrade grants the Archer Tower a “Fast Attack” mode, doubling its damage output at the cost of range, similar to Archer Towers in the Builder Base.

Clash of Clans Archer Tower



With their ability to target ground and air units from a considerable distance, Archer Towers should generally be placed along the village’s outer perimeter. This positioning maximizes their impressive range and ensures optimal coverage for other defenses.

To maximize their defensive capabilities, other defenses should be placed within the range of at least one Archer Tower. Additionally, it is typically beneficial to prioritize upgrading Archer Towers before Cannons, as they offer more range and can target both ground and air units.

Pairing an Archer Tower with a Cannon or Mortar is a wise decision, as neither of these defenses can target air units. Placing Fast-Attack Archer Towers in vulnerable spots or potential “Queen Walk” areas is also recommended, as they can swiftly eliminate tank units such as Giants, P.E.K.K.As, Dragons, and Lava Hounds, as well as deal significant damage to an Archer Queen during a Queen Walk.

Positioning a Wizard Tower or Air Bomb near an Archer Tower can help alleviate its single-target vulnerability, especially against large groups of Minions and Balloon Parades.


Although Archer Towers are formidable defenders due to their ability to target both ground and air units, they can only damage one unit at a time. Consequently, they are easily overwhelmed by large groups of Archers or Barbarians.

When deploying a few Balloons, it is best to keep them away from Archer Towers, as their slow movement speed makes them easy targets. However, large groups of Balloons can quickly destroy an Archer Tower with minimal losses. Once Archer Towers (and Air Defenses) are neutralized, Balloons can proceed to devastate the rest of the village, although Wizard Towers and time constraints can still pose challenges.

The most effective attacks typically involve a combination of high-health and low-health, high-attack troops, as the former can absorb damage while the latter deals it. At higher levels, Archer Towers placed outside walls with low-health buildings can be destroyed by powerful solo troops such as Super Barbarians or Valkyries.

Clash of Clans Archer Tower Important Info

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available011233456788888
RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
100.5sSingle TargetGround & Air

Gear Up Stats

Gear Up CostGear Up TimeHome Village Archer Tower Level RequiredBuilder Base Archer Tower Level Required
4,000,000 Gold7d106

Clash of Clans Archer Tower Upgrade Chart

Long Range Mode

LevelDP/SecDP/ShoHPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
127537.59703,000,0001d 6h41510
1380401,0504,000,0002d 6h50910
1492461,1305,500,0003d 12h72011
16116581,33010,000,0005d 12h92912
17122611,41012,000,0007d 12h1,01812
19134671,60016,000,0009d 12h1,17513
20140701,70016,500,00016d 6h1,18414

*DP/Sec: Damage per Second *DP/Sho Damage Per Shot *HP hitpoints *TH Required Town Hall level required

Upgrade Progression of Archer Tower in Clash of Clans

The Archer Tower is an important defensive structure in Clash of Clans. It undergoes significant visual changes as it is upgraded to higher levels. When first built, the Archer Tower has an open wooden lattice supporting a flat wooden platform, and an exterior wooden ladder leads from the ground to the platform level.

As the Archer Tower is upgraded, it receives various reinforcements and visual enhancements. At level 2, the Archer Tower gets four short posts on the top, and the wood becomes thicker. The ladder also moves to the left. At level 3, gray stone paddings are added to the legs, and the short posts connect to each other on the platform. The ladder moves back to the middle.

At level 4, the paddings turn into supports, and two small green flags are added under the platform. The wood changes slightly in color, and the ladder is now to the right. At level 5, the Archer Tower gets a solid stone base which connects each support, and the ladder moves to the left.

At level 6, the lattice supports and ladder are removed, and solid vertical supports are added. The wooden platform receives stone battlements, and the green flag is extended to cover the interior. At level 7, the stone battlements around the platform are reinforced, and the solid stone base is taller to completely obscure the interior.

At level 8, the Archer Tower receives metal braces at the bottom of each leg. At level 9, the Archer Tower’s flags get shorter to reveal the interior again, and the braces on each leg get bigger and have spikes. At level 10, the flags get larger again, golden plates are placed around the whole tower, additional golden plates are added to the middle of the wooden supports, and the wooden supports get darker.

At level 11, the color scheme completely changes as all the wood is replaced with dark iron. The braces on each leg merge with the middle golden plate, covering most of the corner, and the battlements receive dark iron shields on each corner. At level 12, the tower gains brass guard shields on the top corners. The base of the tower has brass plating on the sides, and reinforced corner guards with new spikes and brass ornaments on it.

At level 13, the tower’s battlements are overhauled, sporting metallic corner pieces with a red-colored shield on each corner. The tower’s corner guards’ spikes at the base turn golden. The planks where the Archers stand also switch directions and are now dark gray in color. At level 14, the corner pieces turn white and now sport golden spikes. The battlements themselves become bronze. Large golden spikes replace the smaller spiked braces, and the base is reinforced by a stone lining.

At level 15, the foundations of the tower become a two-toned smooth concrete-like material. The spikes on the foundations disappear, the brass ornaments become bigger, and the corner pieces at the top of the tower become black stone with slightly smaller spikes. At level 16, the corner pieces are white-topped gray blocks and are slightly lower to be more in line with the draped battlements. The spikes on the pieces are now absent. The foundations of the tower are now overhauled again, with its pillars being steel-gray with similarly colored bolts, as well as electric coils on the sides. The part of the tower just below the corner pieces is now dark blue in color.

At level 17, the battlements gain golden guards, and golden lining is present on the base and on the corner pieces of the tower. The bolts are now golden in color as well.

At level 18, the battlements corners turn snow blue, and the golden guards shrink a little. Small spikes in snow blue color are added to the bottom of each pillar. Under the grey plates on the pillars, a hint of purple can be seen. The gold lining is changed to snow blue lining, and under the flag, some light can be seen from inside the tower. The planks at the top turn blue in color.

At level 19, the Archer Tower gains golden edges surrounding the top of the tower, and the ice on top grows in size. The spikes at the bottoms are larger in size. Finally, at level 20, the Archer Tower loses its spikes at the bottom and instead gains golden lining. The blue wood floor turns green, and the edges turn to gold rather than snow blue lining. There is now greenish water at the base of the tower instead of fire.