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Clash of Clans Obstacles

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  • Obstacles are plants and rocks that are randomly placed in your village. You start with about 40 obstacles around your village. You can remove them if you have an available builder and a small amount of Gold or Elixir. Gold is used to remove rocks and Elixir to remove vegetation.
  • Each obstacle that is removed will yield 0, 1, 2 or 3 Gems.
  • On average, each obstacle will produce 1 Gem. For example: From 10 obstacles, two mushrooms may contain 3 gems, one trunk may contain 2 gems, two trees may contain 1 gem each, and the remaining five bushes might have 0 gems, composing an average of 1 gem per obstacle. This average has been proven with record keeping on over 200 obstacles.
Clash of Clans Obstacles
  • Mushrooms tend to produce the most Gems.
  • Vegetation respawns at a rate of one item per eight hours. Rocks do not respawn, once removed.
  • Since vegetation respawns, and removing one may yield Gems, removing vegetation regularly can be an unlimited (albeit slow) source of Gems. This could be a good idea to farm gems.
  • You can have a maximum of 40 obstacles at one time.
  • Villagers often go and step to obstacles and then ”clap” next to them.
  • There is an achievement called “Nice and Tidy” which gives players experience and Gems for removing 10/50/500 obstacles.
  • Attackers cannot land on an obstacle so a benefit can be gained by leaving obstacles if they appear in a beneficial place such as forcing an attacker to spawn closer than he wants to your defenses. Also they can spoil an attack if the attacker doesn’t realize that his troops have not spawned due he him trying to spawn on top of an obstacle.


When the game respawns an obstacle, the respawn weight represents the chance of that particular item being the one that appears.

TypeSizeRemoval TimeExperience Gained XPRemoval Cost ElixirRespawn Weight
Trunk (1)2×230s51,00010%
Trunk (2)2×230s51,00010%
Trunk (fallen)2×230s51,00020%
Tree (small)2×230s52,00020%
Tree (medium)3×345s67,5005%
Tree (large)3×360s710,0005%


Rocks, once removed, do not reappear.

TypeSizeRemoval TimeExperience GainedRemoval Cost Gold
Stone (small 1)2×220s4500
Stone (small 2)2×220s4500
Stone (small 3)2×220s4500
Stone (small 4)2×220s4500
Stone (pillar)2×245s610,000
Stone (large)3×360s720,000


Tombstones spawn when attackers are killed.

TypeSizeRemoval TimeRemoval BenefitEvent at which appears
Tombstone1×1InstantGives 20 ElixirElixirAttacker is killed.
Dark Tombstone1×1instantGives 1 Dark ElixirDark elixirDark Elixir troop attacker is killed.

Gem Box

The Gem Box is a mysterious box packed with gems! You can only have 1 gem box at any time in a village. Clearing the Gem Box costs 1,000 Elixir, takes 30 seconds to clear and will give you 25 gems. The gem box is rare but in the recent update they made them more common.