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The Monolith, a formidable defense structure, becomes available at Town Hall level 15. As a single-target defense mechanism, it launches powerful arcane energy balls at adversaries, inflicting substantial damage per shot and dealing a percentage of the target’s maximum health with each hit. This makes it particularly effective against opponents with high health. Unlike other defensive buildings, the Monolith requires Dark Elixir for construction and upgrades, rather than Gold.


Defensive Strategy

The Monolith can be compared to a single-target Inferno Tower due to its ability to quickly eliminate high-health enemies, thanks to its percentage-based damage. Unlike the Inferno Tower, the Monolith reaches its full capacity instantly, necessitating immediate attention from adversaries.

The Monolith’s primary vulnerability is its relatively slow firing speed, which leaves it susceptible to attacks from numerous smaller troops. To counter this, pair the Monolith with splash-damage defenses or multi-target Inferno Towers.

A Rage Spell Tower can enhance the Monolith’s base damage per shot, but it will not affect the percentage-based bonus damage. Keep this in mind when positioning the Monolith within the tower’s range.

Offensive Strategy

The Monolith’s most potent feature is its ability to rapidly eliminate Heroes. To prevent it from targeting your Heroes, use Freeze Spells to halt the Monolith’s attacks and Lightning Spells to force it to switch targets. Diggy and the Battle Drill can similarly stun the Monolith.

Since the Monolith has comparable hitpoints to a Clan Castle, a combination of an Invisibility Spell and Skeleton Spell may be effective in neutralizing it.