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Summary: The Forge, located in the Home Village, is a crucial building that generates Capital Gold required for the Clan Capital. It becomes available once the Town Hall reaches level 6, and the player gains access to the Clan Capital by being part of a level 2 or higher Clan.

Production: The Forge provides two primary methods to acquire Capital Gold: automatic production and crafting.

  1. Automatic Production: The Forge automatically generates batches of Capital Gold at regular intervals without any cost. The amount of Capital Gold produced depends on the Town Hall level. After collection, a new batch of Capital Gold becomes available every 23 hours, and this timer cannot be expedited by using Gems or any other means.
  2. Crafting: Once a player’s Town Hall reaches level 9 or higher, they can craft additional Capital Gold using resources and a free Builder. Crafting with Gold and Elixir from the Home Village is possible when the first crafting slot is unlocked. Crafting using Dark Elixir requires Town Hall 13, while crafting with Gold and Elixir from the Builder Base requires Builder Hall 8.

The crafting process necessitates a free Builder, and the cost and return value vary based on the player’s Town Hall or Builder Hall level, depending on the resource used. Regardless of the resource, crafting takes 3 days to complete. However, this timer can be reduced with Builder Boosts, or sped up using Gems or Builder Potions.

For players who have purchased the Gold Pass, there is an additional Forge slot available independently of the standard slots through the Auto Forge slot perk. Utilizing this Forge slot costs half the usual price and does not require a Builder. However, the crafting time remains the same as with the standard Forge slots. This exclusive feature allows Town Hall 7 and 8 players to craft Capital Gold using resources.