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The Dark Elixir Extractor obtains Dark Elixir from an infinite subterranean source and retains it until the player gathers and transfers it to a Dark Elixir Vault. If the extractor reaches its maximum capacity, production ceases until the resource is collected.

Opponents can plunder up to 75% of the unclaimed Dark Elixir stored in the extractor. Accumulating too many uncollected resources can make players more susceptible to attacks.

The Dark Elixir Extractor occupies a 3×3 tile area. It becomes available at Town Hall level 7, together with the Vault. The second and third extractors are unlocked at Town Hall levels 8 and 9, respectively.

When upgrading a Dark Elixir Extractor, any uncollected Dark Elixir will be automatically gathered. However, if the Dark Elixir Vault is full at that time, the unclaimed Dark Elixir will be forfeited. The extractor temporarily stops producing Dark Elixir during the upgrade process. If it is destroyed in an attack while upgrading, the defender will not lose any resources, as the extractor is empty.

It can be challenging to discern without magnification, but by observing the glass container on the top rear section of the extractor, one can estimate its current Dark Elixir content. An empty (transparent) container indicates that the extractor is less than 20% full, while a full (dark) container signifies that it is at least 60% full.

Its production can be temporarily enhanced using Gems or a Resource Potion. Employing Gems will double the extractor’s output rate for one day, whereas a Resource Potion will boost all Dark Elixir Extractors, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors.

During raids, the simplest method to differentiate between various enemy extractor levels is by examining their foundations. Unlike the top part of the extractor, the foundations display a distinct variation at each level.