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Clash of Clans Tornado Trap

By April 2, 2022No Comments
  • The Tornado Trap is the last trap unlocked, being unlocked at Town Hall level 11.
  • When triggered, it sucks in attacking troops.
  • Its effect depends on the housing space of the troops affected; smaller troops will be more heavily affected than larger ones. All troops, heroes and siege machines, except Miners, will be affected if it enters the radius of the trap.
    • The effect is rated on a numbered scale of 1 to 5; each troop and hero is assigned a value of anywhere between 1 and 5. This assigned value is calculated by dividing the unit’s housing space by 3 and rounding up (this assigned value is capped at 5). The higher the assigned value, the less spinning effect the Tornado Trap will have on that unit. For the purpose of this calculation, Heroes have an assigned value of 5, and Siege Machines have an assigned value of one.
  • The Tornado Trap also deals a small amount of damage per second to all units within its radius. As the trap lasts longer at higher levels, it deals more damage overall at higher levels.
  • The Tornado Trap will not prevent units from attacking if they can attack targets still in range.

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