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The Tornado Trap, unlocked at Town Hall level 11, is the final trap to become available. When activated, it draws in attacking forces, forcibly relocating them and inflicting minor damage. The trap’s effect is contingent on the housing space of the affected troops; smaller troops experience more significant disruption than larger ones. All units, except Miners, Diggy, and the Battle Drill, are impacted if they enter the trap’s radius.

The trap’s effect is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5; each troop and hero is assigned a value within this range. This assigned value is determined by dividing the unit’s housing space by 3 and rounding up (with a maximum value of 5). The higher the assigned value, the less disruptive the Tornado Trap will be for that unit. Heroes and Pets have an assigned value of 5, and Siege Machines have an assigned value of 1. Among ground and air units with the same value, air units experience a heightened spinning effect.

In addition to its displacement effect, the Tornado Trap deals minor damage per second to all units within its radius (including those unaffected by displacement). The trap lasts longer and deals more overall damage at higher levels. The Tornado Trap does not inhibit units from attacking if their targets remain in range.



Utilize the Tornado Trap to draw in ranged units and eliminate their range advantage. While trapped in the tornado, these units may still attack, but you can counteract this by placing high-DPS buildings to swiftly eliminate them or by positioning other traps near the Tornado Trap to activate them on clustered enemies.

Place the Tornado Trap in front of Walls targeted by Wall Breakers to disrupt attackers’ plans. The Tornado Trap is highly effective against mobile Siege Machines, significantly stalling their progress. Pair an Inferno Tower with the Tornado Trap to eliminate tanks (if set to single) or multiple units (if set to multiple). Position an Air Bomb or Giant Bomb near the Tornado Trap for substantial damage.

A Tornado Trap situated near the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno can delay attacking reinforcements deployed by a Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp, especially if the reinforcements include Balloons that must be directly above the Town Hall to cause damage. If ground troops are drawn into a Wall by a Tornado Trap, they will remain immobilized until the trap’s effect subsides, even if they can typically bypass Walls. This can be exploited in various ways, such as confining units to be hit by splash defenses or delaying heroes from attacking.

Place a Tornado Trap adjacent to the blind spot of the Eagle Artillery or Scattershot to pull units away from the blind spot and allow the Eagle Artillery and Scattershot to decimate the army, particularly when under attack from numerous Balloons.


Miners are not affected by this trap, even when above ground, making them suitable options for countering a Tornado Trap. Deploy low-health troops like Barbarians or Goblins to activate the Tornado Trap, allowing the main army to advance unimpeded and without the risk of being disrupted and eliminated by the trap.