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The Bomb Tower, a defensive structure unlocked at Town Hall level 8, launches bombs at ground forces, causing area damage akin to the Wizard Tower. However, it cannot target aerial units. When its health is depleted, the bomb beneath the tower detonates after a one-second delay, inflicting area damage to ground forces within 2.75 tiles, similar to a Giant Bomb.

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower



Position the Bomb Tower where large groups of ground forces are anticipated. It can safeguard Air Defenses as they complement each other by covering each other’s vulnerabilities; the Bomb Tower handles ground forces while Air Defense tackles aerial units.

The Bomb Tower can substitute for a Wizard Tower alongside a Mortar if Wizard Towers are required elsewhere. It effectively covers the Mortar’s blind spot if they are placed adjacently.

Place the Bomb Tower where troops are likely to linger due to its one-second delay before the death bomb detonates. It excels as a core building, attracting the majority of troops. Many strategies funnel troops into the core to defeat the base.

Bomb Towers excel against Witch-centric armies. From level 2, they can instantly kill Skeletons, and their fast attack speed and large splash radius can fend off Skeletons for a long time. When overwhelmed, their bomb can eliminate Skeletons and damage Witches.

Using a Tornado Trap, you may defeat ranged troops with the Bomb Tower by drawing them into its death damage range while causing faster damage. This tactic is highly effective against groups of Wizards and Bowlers.

Max-level Bomb Towers deter Blizzard (Super Wizards in a Battle Blimp) attacks, as their death damage instantly kills Super Wizards landing on the Bomb Tower. Placing them where a Blizzard is anticipated to be the most potent can thwart its effectiveness.

Non-maxed Bomb Towers can still severely damage Super Wizards if caught in the death damage, but additional trap damage (e.g., from a Bomb) is necessary to finish them off. Be aware that level 6 or lower Bomb Towers may be instantly destroyed by the Blimp’s death damage, triggering premature death damage.


Aerial troops are impervious to the Bomb Tower. All air strategies are virtually unaffected.

As a defensive building, the Bomb Tower can still funnel Balloons and Lava Hounds (assuming no remaining Air Defenses), potentially directing them away from targets or into traps.

If an opponent’s Bomb Tower is exposed, a few troops can eliminate it due to its low hitpoints. This minimizes damage to your overall army from its attacks and explosion.

A single Balloon or Minion can destroy it, but beware of nearby defenses targeting air troops and Air Bombs.

Deploy a tank unit (Giant or Golem) to absorb the explosion’s damage and avoid using melee units (e.g., Barbarians) alongside tank units as they will likely be harmed by the tower.

Spread out ranged troops like Archers or Wizards to minimize the damage they take from the Bomb Tower’s attacks.

Watch for empty 4×2 spaces near Bomb Towers, indicating potential double Giant Bombs, which can devastate hog-based armies when combined with the Bomb Tower’s explosion.

Never use the Barbarian King’s Iron Fist ability while engaging a Bomb Tower unless urgently needing health recovery. The Bomb Tower’s death damage will likely eliminate most or all summoned Barbarians once the King destroys the tower.

Miners cannot burrow fast enough to evade the Bomb Tower’s death damage. Either destroy the Bomb Tower beforehand or use a Healing Spell to counteract the damage after death.

The Grand Warden can snipe a Bomb Tower without taking damage due to his long range.

Freeze Spells cannot stop or delay the Bomb Tower’s death damage, and Invisibility Spells cannot protect your troops from it either.

Bomb Tower Important Info

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available000000011222222

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Upgrade Chart

LevelDP/SecDP/ShoDamage when destroyedHPGold CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTH Level Required
22830.81807001,200,0001d 12h3608
440442608502,600,0003d 12h54910
54852.83001,0503,500,0004d 6h60511
65661.63501,3005,000,0006d 6h73411

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type Targeted
6 tiles1.1sSplash - 1.5 tilesGround