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Clash of Clans Magic Items

By March 18, 2022No Comments
  • These special items are stored inside your Town Hall and Builder Hall. Within their interfaces, you will have the ability to see the full list of all the Magic Items, the ones you have acquired being first. You can also read descriptions and sell them for Gems.
  • Magic Items provide benefits to your buildings, your troops, your heroes, spells, and anything else in-game.
  • Some Magic Items will provide boosts to production, while others will instantly complete an upgrade in progress, as well as other miscellaneous benefits.
  • If you have a Magic Item you don’t need, then you have the option to cash in that Magic Item for Gems.
  • There are 4 ways to obtain Magic Items: by achieving certain reward tiers in Clan Games and in Season Challenges, by completing objectives in certain Events, and by buying them through the Trader or the Shop.
  • Relevant Magic Items (such as the Power Potion) are available for use in Clan Wars.
  • Your inventory of Magic Items can be accessed through the Town Hall or Builder Hall, though some Magic Items cannot be used directly from this inventory screen.
  • Magic Items cannot be stolen by attackers in any way.

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