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Summary: The Super Sauna is a structure found in the Home Village, appearing automatically once the Town Hall reaches level 11. Positioned between the Trader and the Loot Cart, it allows players to enhance certain troops into powerful Super Troops. Each troop has specific level requirements that must be met before it can be boosted.

Boosting Troops: To boost a troop, a player needs to have Town Hall level 11 or higher and must have upgraded the troop to a certain level. Some troops may require Town Hall level 12 or 13 (e.g., the super miner) to be boosted into their Super form. Currently, there are sixteen troop types that can be boosted, including Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Goblins, Wall Breakers, Balloons, Wizards, Dragons, Baby Dragons, Miners, Minions, Hog Riders, Valkyries, Witches, Lava Hounds, and Bowlers.

Boosting a troop requires either 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion. Prior to boosting, players can preview the stats of the corresponding Super Troop and even try it out in a dedicated “Playground” level. The level of the boosted Super Troop matches the level of the corresponding troop that the player has researched in the Laboratory. For instance, if a player has researched level 8 Barbarians and boosts them, the resulting Super Barbarians will be at level 8.

The Super Troops cannot be directly upgraded in the Laboratory but can be indirectly upgraded by upgrading their regular versions. If the regular troop upgrade completes while the relevant boost is active, the Super Troop will be automatically upgraded as well.

Once a troop has been boosted into a Super Troop, the Super variant is accessible in the Barracks or Dark Barracks for 3 days. During this time, players can still train the normal troop as usual. However, only up to two Super Troop boosts can be active simultaneously. If two different types of Super Troops are in the player’s army or queue, a third type of Super Troop cannot be boosted until at least one type is removed or used.

When Super Troops are trained, they initially appear as their regular versions and then proceed to the Super Sauna. Inside the Sauna, they transform into their Super Versions before entering the Army Camps. A countdown above the Super Sauna indicates how much time is left on the boost.

After the 3-day duration, the boost ends, and the Super Troop will be removed from the Barracks interface. Any Super Troops that were being trained during the boost will train as normal, and those already in the Army Camps remain usable without any cooldown.

About Super Troops: Super Troops have unique abilities and different stats compared to their normal counterparts. Generally, they boast increased health and damage output, but their housing space is also higher to match the enhancements. The training times for Super Troops are proportional to those of their regular versions, ensuring both have roughly the same base training time per housing space.

Super Troops can be donated to Clan Castles and used as reinforcements like regular troops. However, the Clan Castle must be upgraded sufficiently to hold a level of the base troop that can be boosted into the Super Troop. Quick Donations are also possible for Super Troops, provided the donor has unlocked the Super Troop through the Laboratory.

The table below illustrates the level requirements needed to boost each troop. Red indicates that the base troop level requirements can be achieved before Town Hall 11 and can be boosted once the player reaches Town Hall 11 without upgrading the Laboratory and base troop. Blue and purple indicate that Town Hall 12 and 13, respectively, are required for boosting at those levels.