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Enhance Your Heroes’ Strength with Battle-Ready Pets

When it comes to dominating the battlefield in your favorite strategy game, Heroes alone might not be enough. That’s where Pets come in – the ultimate game-changers that can be paired with your Heroes to turn the tide of any battle. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Pet House, the haven for these extraordinary creatures, and how they can be the key to victory. Let’s dive into the world of Pets and discover how they can elevate your gameplay to new heights!

What Are Pets and How Do They Work?

Pets are a special class of troops that bring a unique set of abilities to the table. They are exclusively assigned to Heroes, forming an unbreakable bond that significantly boosts the prowess of your Heroes on the battlefield. Each Pet possesses distinct skills, adding a strategic layer to your army composition.

Assigning Pets to Heroes: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Intriguingly, each Pet can be assigned to one Hero, but don’t worry – this isn’t a permanent arrangement! You have the freedom to switch Pets between Heroes, allowing for versatile strategies based on the challenges you face. This can be done both in the Pet House and the Army preparation menu, offering you utmost flexibility in crafting your dream team.

One Hero, One Pet: The Perfect Duo

A Hero can form a profound connection with only one Pet at a time. This unbreakable bond ensures that the combined force of Hero and Pet works seamlessly to achieve victory. So, choose your pairings wisely, and witness the magic unfold on the battlegrounds.

Pets in Battle: Loyal Companions till the End

When the clash of steel and magic commences, you’ll witness the true strength of your Pets. Deployed side by side with their assigned Heroes, these loyal companions will stay close and support them throughout the fight. Even if their Hero gets knocked out, Pets don’t back down; they continue to fight, adapting their behavior to the new circumstances.

The Importance of Hero Availability: A Key Factor for Deploying Pets

Pets are mighty warriors in their own right, but they can’t be unleashed independently. They rely on the presence of their bonded Hero to join the fray. Should a Hero be unavailable, their corresponding Pet remains on standby until they find another available Hero to team up with. In some cases, this may necessitate the tough decision of pairing them with an alternative Hero, potentially leaving another Pet on the bench for that particular battle.

Resilience and Regeneration: The Pet Advantage

Unlike Heroes, Pets have a remarkable advantage – they don’t need downtime for recovery. Regardless of the damage they may sustain during a battle, Pets don’t require any rest before heading back into action. This means you can unleash their power as frequently as needed, without worrying about regeneration times.

Unleashing the Full Potential: Upgrading Pets with Dark Elixir

To harness the true strength of your Pets, invest in their upgrades with Dark Elixir. Upgrading your Pets will unlock additional abilities and enhance their existing ones, making them even more formidable on the battlefield. However, it’s important to note that while a Pet is undergoing an upgrade, it cannot participate in battles, as it can be seen resting outside the Pet House.

Strategic Management: One Pet at a Time

As much as we’d love to upgrade all our Pets simultaneously, the Pet House allows only one Pet to be upgraded at a time. Patience and careful planning are crucial when it comes to prioritizing the order of upgrades. For those who seek to expedite the process, the coveted Book of Heroes or the all-powerful Book of Everything can be employed to skip the upgrade timers. And for those who desire instant upgrades without any additional cost, the mighty Hammer of Heroes is the answer!

Unleash the Power of Pets and Conquer the Battlefield

In the ever-evolving world of strategic warfare, the role of Pets alongside your Heroes cannot be underestimated. These loyal companions bring versatility, strength, and invaluable support to your battles, tipping the scales in your favor. So, embrace the power of Pets, experiment with various Hero-Pet combinations, and witness the astonishing results as you reign victorious on the battlefield. Dominate your foes, conquer new challenges, and let your Pets become the stuff of legends in your journey to greatness!