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  • Dark Barracks allow you to train Dark Elixir Troops using Dark Elixir. These troops will be stationed in Army Camps.
  • The Dark Barracks functions identically to the normal Barracks, except for the fact that it uses Dark Elixir instead of Elixir.
  • The troops’ rate of training depends on the number of Dark Barracks that can train said troops; the troop’s training time is inversely proportional to the number of barracks you have and can be determined by dividing a troop’s base training time (training time with one barracks) by the number of available barracks capable of training that troop, rounding down any fractions of seconds.
    • For example, the Golem’s base training time is six minutes. If both Dark Barracks are available and able to train Golems, the training time of Golems will be three minutes. If only one of them is able to train Golems, the training time will be six minutes.
  • Dark Barracks are unable to function while being upgraded, considerably increasing the time it takes to train your armies; this should be taken into consideration when deciding to upgrade a Dark Barracks. Any Troops that are queued up inside will start training when the upgrade has been finished.
  • Once you have queued Troops in your Dark Barracks, you can instantly complete their training with Gems; the amount required is directly proportional to the amount of time remaining to finish training normally.
  • There is also an option to boost Troop production for an hour. The boost option costs 30 Gems and will increase the training speed of all troops by a factor of 4.
    • Note: The boost timer will continue to count down even if you aren’t making troops so don’t boost your Dark Barracks until you are ready to use it.
  • When you click to boost the Dark Barracks a clock appears for a few seconds.
  • Similar to the normal Barracks, Troops may be removed from the Dark Barracks training queue at no penalty; 100% of the Dark Elixir cost will be refunded to you.
  • You may queue more Troops than your Army Camps can hold. This is useful for two reasons:
    • You may queue Troops prior to engaging in combat (either single-player or multiplayer). Your Dark Barracks will begin creating Troops proportional to the amount of time you spent from when you start searching for opponents to completing an attack, significantly reducing your downtime between battles.
    • You may queue Troops to ‘hide’ Dark Elixir while you are offline, as long as your Army Camps are full. Currently, up to 8,920 Dark Elixir can be hidden in this fashion by queuing 1 level 8 Golem, 44 level 5 Bowlers, and 3 level 10 Hog Riders if the player has 251/280 Army Camp spaces occupied. When you return you simply un-queue the training queue to reclaim your hidden Dark Elixir.
  • Destroying a Dark Barracks in an attack will not disrupt its production of troops in any way.

Dark Barracks by Town Hall Level

Town Hall Level12345678910111213
Number Available0000001222222

Unlocked Unit by Level for Dark Barracks

LevelUnlocked UnitHitpointsElixir Build CostBuild TimeExperience GainedTown Hall Level Required
2Hog Rider5501,000,00016h2407
4Golem6502,000,0001d 12h3608
6Lava Hound7503,000,0003d5099
8Ice Golem8506,000,00010d92911


Dark Barracks CoC

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