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The Dark Barracks enable the training of Dark Elixir Troops, who, similar to standard troops trained with elixir, will be positioned in Army Camps. This feature becomes available at Town Hall level 7. While undergoing an upgrade, Dark Barracks operate at half their regular training speed. Keep this in mind during upgrades, as you may experience a temporary reduction in army capabilities if both facilities are inaccessible.

Upon enlisting troops in your Dark Barracks, you can expedite their training using Gems. The number of Gems needed is directly related to the remaining training time. Additionally, you can opt to boost troop production for one hour at the cost of 30 Gems or a single Training Potion, which will increase training speeds fourfold for all troops. When activating the boost for Dark Barracks, a brief clock animation will appear.

Attacking and destroying a Dark Barracks will not interfere with its troop production. Trained troops are added to a shared training queue with the Barracks. The maximum capacity of the queue is double your Army Camp capacity. For example, if your Army Camps can accommodate 200 housing space, the training queue can hold up to 400 housing space. This feature is beneficial as it allows you to enlist troops prior to engaging in combat (either single-player or multiplayer), with training continuing until the entire queue is processed.

Troops are trained in the order they are selected, with one batch being trained at a time. Troops of the same type won’t be grouped together unless manually combined later, allowing you to alternate training different troop types, such as Barbarians and Archers.

The first half of the queue (equivalent to the first army) will enter the Army Camps when ready. Troops already stationed in the Army Camps are considered part of the first half of the queue but won’t be visible in the queue itself. The second half of the queue (equivalent to the second army) is lightly shaded in red and serves as a “reserve.” Reserve troops will join the Army Camps as space becomes available. When prepared, reserve troops will display a checkmark. When donating troops, reserve troops will be prioritized, only using Army Camp troops if no reserve troops are available.

If a troop at the front of the queue cannot enter the Army Camps due to insufficient space (even if the Army Camp isn’t full), they will form the beginning of the reserve and block subsequent troops from entering the Army Camps until manually moved by the player.

Players can rearrange troops within the queue, altering the training sequence. If an unprepared troop is moved to the front, the Barracks will cease training the prior troop and begin training the new one, forfeiting any progress on the previous troop. Conversely, if a reserve troop is moved to the front and there is space in the Army Camps, they will be immediately relocated to the Army Camps.

Troops can be removed from the queue, whether they are prepared or not. If they were ready, they will need to be retrained if added back into the queue.