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The Skeleton Trap, accessible at Town Hall level 8, remains concealed until activated by an invading unit entering its trigger zone. Upon activation, a coffin emerges from the ground, and multiple Skeletons materialize around it to assail nearby units, depending on whether the trap is set for ground or air forces. After activation, the Skeleton Trap must be rearmed for future defenses, which is free and occurs automatically when the player logs into the game.

The Skeleton Trap can be configured to target either ground or air units but not both simultaneously. It stays hidden if set to ground mode and an air unit flies overhead (or vice versa). The quantity of Skeletons released is determined by the Skeleton Trap’s level.

Skeletons unleashed from the Skeleton Trap bear a small skull symbol, indicating their origin, in contrast to those summoned by a Witch. This is because they serve a similar purpose as the Skeletons conjured by a defending Witch in the Clan Castle. Skeletons from the Skeleton Trap have comparable statistics to those summoned by a Witch, with identical damage per second (DPS) and hitpoints. However, they attack slightly faster, and air Skeletons move somewhat slower.

Skeleton Traps set to defend against air forces display wings instead of a skull on the coffin’s face. When activated to defend against air units, Skeletons float using two small red balloons, identical to those on the Air Bomb. Skeleton Traps were introduced in the October 22, 2014 Halloween update but remained available as a permanent addition after the holiday ended.



Skeleton Traps serve as valuable distractions. Upgrading them is recommended since single-target units may struggle to eliminate them. Position them near structures you want to safeguard to divert most units attempting to attack the building, giving your defenses time to defeat the invading forces.

Skeleton Traps are effective at distracting Heroes and P.E.K.K.A’s, particularly when close to the Town Hall. They excel against defense-targeting units like Giants and Hog Riders, as these units do not pause to engage the Skeletons and gradually succumb to their attacks while demolishing defenses. This holds true for other troops that focus on specific building types.

Skeleton Traps are notably efficient against Miners, as they must dig and resurface each time they slay a Skeleton, significantly hindering their progress compared to other units. Position Skeleton Traps near a Bomb Tower to delay troops when it detonates. This tactic generally fails against defense-targeting units like Hog Riders, who will disregard the Skeletons unless the Bomb Tower is the last remaining defense.

In air mode, place Skeleton Traps near Air Defenses to divert Dragons from targeting them. Skeleton Trap Skeletons can engage defense-targeting units without retaliation, so when designing a base, try to separate supporting units from tanks to prevent them from eliminating the Skeletons.

To protect your base from Balloon attacks, set Skeleton Traps to air mode and position them near your defenses. As Balloons will not target Skeletons, they can deal significant damage. Skeletons can also hinder scattered Lava Pups or Minions focused on buildings rather than the Skeletons, although they may be quickly eliminated once targeted by Lava Pups or Minions, particularly if covered by other air troops to avoid defensive fire.


Skeleton Traps pose a threat only if they distract slow-attacking units like P.E.K.K.A’s or Miners, if your troops cannot counterattack (e.g., when using Hog Riders in groups), or if they prevent troops from striking a high-priority target like the Town Hall. Otherwise, they can be largely disregarded, although Spells may be required to preserve your troops from defensive fire during this period of distraction (e.g., a Freeze Spell against a single-target Inferno Tower).

Area splash damage is effective against Skeleton Traps, particularly when multiple traps are placed in close proximity. Valkyries, their Super Form, and Electro Titans excel at dispatching the spawned Skeletons, as they can eliminate Skeletons coming from all directions. Other sources of splash damage, such as Wizards, are most efficient if the Skeletons are first grouped together.

Certain Spells can be employed as an alternative to the previously mentioned splash damage. Poison Spells, highly effective against standard Clan Castle troops, can be utilized to create a lethal zone for enemy Skeletons in which they cannot survive for long. However, Lightning Spells are more potent as they can instantly eliminate the Skeletons.

In conclusion, the Skeleton Trap is a versatile defensive tool in the game, capable of providing valuable distractions and delaying enemy attacks on your base. To maximize their effectiveness, consider strategic placements near critical buildings and defenses. Additionally, be mindful of the appropriate countermeasures when facing Skeleton Traps during offensive gameplay, such as utilizing splash damage or Spells to neutralize their impact.