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Clash of Clans Spring Trap – Home Village

By March 31, 2022No Comments
  • ​The Spring Trap bounces troops off the battlefield, effectively causing instant death to the first group of enemies that step on it, bouncing up to 10 housing units of Troops at level 1 and more at higher levels. For example, a level 1 Spring Trap will bounce 10 Archers or 2 Giants.
    • For the purposes of determining interactions, a Skeleton counts as 1 housing space, a Yetimite counts as 3, and a Golemite counts as 15.
  • Like other traps, the Spring Trap requires re-arming after it has been activated. Doing so is free and occurs automatically once the player logs into the game.
  • P.E.K.K.As, Golems and Heroes are unaffected by any level of Spring Traps due to the fact that they take more than 18 housing spaces.
  • The Spring Trap often does not affect the Goblin either, but this is because the Goblin is too fast for the Spring Trap to bounce it away (it usually is able to move out of range before the Spring Trap has the opportunity to affect it). However, if the Goblin doesn’t continue moving once the Spring Trap has been triggered (stopping to attack a resource building, for instance), it will be bounced similar to a Barbarian or Archer. Also, if there is a horde of Goblins, the Spring Trap will bounce the Goblins in the back, since the Goblin in front triggered it first.

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