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The Spring Trap catapults enemy ground forces off the battlefield, effectively vanquishing them based on their housing space occupancy. Each Spring Trap is capable of ejecting a specific amount of housing space worth of troops, with upgrades increasing its expulsion capacity. In terms of interactions, subtroops have assigned housing space values. Skeletons, spawned by Witches or Skeleton Spells, occupy 1 housing space, Yetimites 3, Golemites 6, and Big Boys 20.

Similar to other traps, the Spring Trap necessitates re-arming once triggered. This process is free and happens automatically when the player logs in. Spring Traps cannot impact troops with higher housing space than their launch capacity. For instance, a max-level Spring Trap with an 18-housing-space capacity cannot affect troops like the P.E.K.K.A or Golem. Heroes and Pets remain unaffected by the Spring Trap as well.

The Spring Trap has a brief activation delay, allowing units with a movement speed of 32 or higher, such as Goblins, to cross unscathed unless they halt atop the trap. Slightly slower units like Archers can also evade the trap by crossing only the Spring Trap tile’s corner.



Strategically placed Spring Traps can disrupt a raid, including the notorious Giant-Healer combination, by eliminating numerous Giants and significantly decreasing their potential DPS. Placing Spring Traps near or around the Town Hall helps eliminate large groups of incoming Troops.

A viable tactic is positioning Spring Traps in deliberately created Wall gaps. Since troops typically pass through gaps rather than breaking through Walls, they will move directly over the Spring Trap and be flung to their doom. However, after triggering, the one-time-use Spring Trap leaves an unguarded Wall gap until re-armed.

An alternative strategy involves situating Walls inside your base, forcing enemy Troops to traverse the Spring Trap while attacking nearby structures. Positioning Spring Traps in front of frequently targeted Walls can deter Wall Breakers, forcing the attacker to deploy a secondary wave or face a disadvantage. Super Wall Breakers, however, will trigger their Mega Bomb ability instead.

Placing Spring Traps between Defensive Buildings can eliminate Giants, while positioning them between Resource Buildings can take out Goblins. Some Spring Trap upgrades offer more significant benefits than others. For instance, upgrading to level 4 allows the Spring Trap to launch an Ice Golem, 2 Valkyries, 3 Giants, or 3 Hog Riders, one more than the previous level. In contrast, upgrading to level 3 does not significantly alter its interactions with ground units.

Troops with abilities activated upon destruction can still trigger these abilities when ejected by a Spring Trap. For example, if an Ice Golem is launched, it will still freeze nearby structures and enemy troops as it is technically defeated on the spot.


If you suspect a specific location (like a Wall gap) has a Spring Trap, attempt to activate it with high housing-space units such as a P.E.K.K.A or Golem, as Spring Traps cannot affect these units. The Barbarian King can also serve this purpose. In the absence of these options, try triggering the trap with a single expendable troop, like a Barbarian.