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Clash of Clans Elixir Collector – Home Village

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  • The Elixir Collector collects Elixir from an unlimited underground reserve (a.k.a Ley Lines) and stores it until collected by the player and placed into an Elixir Storage. When the collector is full, production will be stopped until it is collected (or raided by an enemy player).
  • The production rate and capacity depends on the level of the Elixir Collector. Players can get an idea of how much Elixir the collector is storing by how full the tank appears.
  • The Elixir Collector takes up a 3×3 tile space.
Clash of Clans Level 11 Elixir Collector
  • Tapping on the collect icon collects all elixir from all elixir collectors.
  • When you choose to upgrade an Elixir Collector, it will automatically collect any uncollected Elixir. Note that if your Elixir Storages are full at that time, the uncollected Elixir will be lost! During the upgrade the collector temporarily stops producing Elixir.
  • Once the Elixir Collector is level 5, you can temporarily boost its production with Gems. Spending Gems will double the Collector’s production for 1 day.
  • When you click to boost the Elixir Collector a clock appears for a few seconds.

Defensive Strategy

  • It is a good idea to put your Elixir Collectors outside of your Walls, so they can act as a distraction to units such as Barbarians and Archers.
  • Attackers can steal up to 50% of the uncollected Elixir in the collectors. Having too many uncollected resources will make you a more attractive target.
  • If an Elixir Collector is destroyed in an attack while it is being upgraded, no Elixir will be lost as the collector is empty during this time.

Offensive Strategy

  • Pay careful attention to the location of Elixir Collectors when planning your attack, as Elixir Collectors are usually only marginally protected and can be quite lucrative, especially at high levels. Many times a single Archer can be placed in such a way that it can destroy an Elixir Collector while standing clear of any defenses.
  • If you see a round number of Elixir in a raid, it is most likely going to be in the Elixir Collectors rather than in the Elixir Storages (example 90,000). Although round numbers can occur in Elixir Storages, they happen much more often when Elixir Storages have been emptied by a previous raid and the resultant shield has allowed the Elixir Collectors to completely fill up.
Town Hall Level12345678910
Number Available1234566667
LevelBuild CostBuild TimeExperience GainedBoost CostCapacity (Elixir)Production RateHitpointsTime to FillCatch Up Point*Town Hall Level Required
11501m7N/A500200/hr4002h 30mN/A1
23005m17N/A1,000400/hr4502h 30m5m1
370015m30N/A1,500600/hr5002h 30m30m2
41,4001h60N/A2,500800/hr5503h 7m 30s3h2
67,0006h146520,0001,300/hr61015h 23m 5s20h3
714,00012h207630,0001,600/hr63018h 45m2d 4h4
828,0001d293750,0001,900/hr6601d 2h 18m 57s5d 8h4
956,0002d415875,0002,200/hr6801d 10h 5m 28s12d 16h5
1084,0003d5099100,0002,500/hr7101d 16h22d5
11168,0004d58711150,0003,000/hr7502d 2h20d7

The “Catch Up Point” is the time at which the newly upgraded collector has equaled the total production of the collector had it not been upgraded – this does not consider recovering the cost of the other resource required to perform the upgrade.

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