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The Elixir Collector extracts Elixir from a boundless subterranean source (also known as Ley Lines) and keeps it in storage until the player retrieves it and deposits it into an Elixir Storage. When the collector reaches its capacity, production halts until the Elixir is collected or plundered by an opposing player. The production rate and storage capacity of the Elixir Collector are contingent on its level. The fullness of the tank provides an estimate of the Elixir quantity stored in the collector.

The Elixir Collector occupies a 3×3 tile space. Tapping the collect icon gathers Elixir from all Elixir Collectors. When upgrading an Elixir Collector, any uncollected Elixir is automatically gathered. However, if Elixir Storages are full at that moment, the uncollected Elixir will be wasted! The collector ceases Elixir production temporarily during the upgrade.

Upon reaching level 5, the Elixir Collector’s production can be temporarily enhanced using Gems or a Resource Potion. Utilizing Gems doubles the Collector’s production for one day, while a Resource Potion doubles the production rate of all Home Village resource collectors for a day. Clicking to boost the Elixir Collector briefly displays a clock.

Elixir Collectors at levels 1-4 cannot be boosted with Gems but can still use a Resource Potion. However, the potion is only usable if you possess a collector that can be boosted with Gems (either a level 5 or higher Gold Mine or Elixir Collector, or any level of Dark Elixir Drill). If an active boost is in place while upgrading the Elixir Collector, the boost will be cut short even if the upgrade is later canceled or completed during the boost’s active period.



Placing your Elixir Collectors outside your Walls is a smart move, as they can serve as a diversion for units such as Barbarians and Archers. Attackers can loot up to 50% of the uncollected Elixir in the collectors. Accumulating excessive uncollected resources makes you a more appealing target.

High-level Elixir Collectors can effectively delay specific troops or portions of an army. Exploit this to disrupt and hinder attack funnels and other critical maneuvers that require swift and accurate execution. If an Elixir Collector is destroyed during an upgrade, no Elixir will be lost, as the collector is empty at that time.


When planning your attack, be mindful of the Elixir Collectors’ locations, as they are typically only moderately guarded and can be highly rewarding, particularly at advanced levels. Often, a single Archer can be positioned to destroy an Elixir Collector while remaining safe from defenses. Alternatively, for Town Hall 11 or higher, a lone Sneaky Goblin can frequently demolish an Elixir Collector without being detected.

If you observe a round Elixir figure in a raid, it is more likely to be in the Elixir Collectors than the Elixir Storages (e.g., 90,000). While round figures can appear in Elixir Storages, they occur more frequently when Elixir Storages have been drained by a prior raid, and the subsequent shield permits the Elixir Collectors to fill up completely.

When seeking Elixir during a raid, the tank’s fullness can indicate whether the Elixir Collector is full. Due to the large tank visuals, it’s simpler to identify full Elixir Collectors than Gold Mines, so take advantage of this knowledge even when gathering Gold (Elixir Collectors fill at the same rate as Gold Mines of equal level).