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The Gold Storage provides gamers with a secure place to store their hard-earned Gold, ensuring it is available for future enhancements. Even when being upgraded, Gold Storages continue to function seamlessly. As one of the most heavily guarded structures in the game, the Gold Storage can hold substantial amounts of Gold.

Elevating your Gold Storage beyond your storage requirements can offer additional protection during raids. This is because attackers receive Gold in proportion to the damage inflicted with each strike. A higher-level Gold Storage has increased durability, which translates to less Gold per hit and an extended destruction time. This allows your defenses more time to eliminate the attacker before they can loot all the available Gold.

The Gold Storage has a counterpart in the Elixir Storage and vice versa. Although the Gold Storage is designed to hold Gold, it is upgraded using Elixir, while its Elixir counterpart is upgraded with Gold. This rule also applies to collectors and drills of various types, with Dark Elixir structures being upgraded using Elixir.

Following the July 2015 update, all Storage types are now impervious to Lightning Spells, with Earthquake Spells also added in this update. It is important to note that if your Gold Storage reaches its capacity, you will be unable to store additional Gold until it is upgraded or existing Gold is used. However, two exceptions to this rule exist: purchasing Gold from a pack in the store or collecting Gold from the Season Bank.