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The Town Hall stands as the central and most crucial structure in the game. As it is upgraded, players gain access to new buildings and capabilities.

Strategies and Advice

Defending the Town Hall is essential for success, as it is comparable to the Builder Hall in the Builder Base or the Goblin Hall in the Single Player Campaign. Since players no longer receive a shield if their Town Hall is destroyed by an opponent, placing it outside of a farming base is futile. Instead, players should strive to protect their Town Hall, which contains 20% of all three types of resources.

When designing bases to defend trophies or war bases, prioritize safeguarding the Town Hall. If an attacker destroys your Town Hall, they will instantly earn one star. However, if they fail to do so, they will only receive a maximum of one star. This concept changes when designing an anti-3 star base, where the Town Hall serves as a high-hitpoint structure protecting key buildings to prevent a third-star victory for the attacker. At higher Town Hall levels (particularly levels 9 and above), players can utilize the Town Hall as a high-hitpoint damage buffer, similar to Storages, to thwart 3-star attacks from powerful armies like Dragons. This strategy, however, makes 2-star attacks more manageable. Anti-3 star bases are more commonly employed in wars, as securing all three stars is of greater importance.

Town Halls possess the highest hitpoints of any comparable level building, except for Walls, making them time-consuming to destroy. Position your Town Hall within the range of your most potent defenses to maximize their ability to eliminate enemy troops.

It is recommended to upgrade all possible elements (e.g., Troops, Buildings, etc.) before advancing your Town Hall to the next level. Prematurely upgrading (or rushing) your Town Hall carries risks, as it takes considerable time to level up your buildings/troops to match your Town Hall’s level. Raiding with low-level troops also becomes increasingly challenging.

If optimizing builder time is a priority, waiting for all building upgrades to finish before starting to upgrade the Town Hall is inefficient. To keep all builders busy and ensure they are available when the Town Hall upgrade is complete, plan for the Town Hall upgrade to coincide with the completion of the remaining builders’ final projects. For instance, at Town Hall level 9 with five builders, begin upgrading your Town Hall (which takes 6 days) when the total remaining upgrading time for other buildings nears 24 days.

At higher Town Hall levels (8 or above), Laboratory upgrades take significantly longer than building upgrades. If only Laboratory upgrades remain, consider upgrading the Town Hall early to prevent wasting builder time and avoid holding excess resources in storages for extended periods. Prioritize Laboratory upgrades for the units you use most frequently.

Avoid positioning your Town Hall in a corner encircled by Walls, as adversaries can still deploy troops adjacent to the Town Hall on the darker grass.

You must construct all accessible buildings for a specific Town Hall level prior to upgrading the Town Hall. However, there are four notable exceptions:

  1. The Clan Castle: You are not obligated to reconstruct it before upgrading to the subsequent Town Hall level. In essence, you can rebuild the Clan Castle at your convenience, provided you possess sufficient resources.
  2. Builder’s Huts: Purchasing all five builders is not a prerequisite for advancing to the next Town Hall level. Since Builder’s Huts necessitate Gems, mandating their acquisition would unjustly impede progression for players who refrain from buying Gems.
  3. Upgrading to Town Hall 11 or higher: Constructing the Master Builder’s Hut, which is exclusively available at Town Hall 10 and beyond due to specific requirements, is not essential for upgrading the Town Hall to these levels.
  4. Upgrading to Town Hall 5 or higher: Rebuilding the boat, which is only feasible at Town Hall 4 and above, is not required to progress to the subsequent Town Hall level.

For Town Halls 13 and beyond, upgrading the weapon from the previous Town Hall level to its maximum potential is mandatory, in addition to the standard stipulation of constructing all new buildings, before the Town Hall can be upgraded.

Giga Tesla

Upon reaching Town Hall 12, players can access the Giga Tesla, a defensive enhancement for the Town Hall that enables it to protect itself during assaults. The Giga Tesla springs into action when harmed by troops or spells, or when the village experiences 51% devastation. However, it remains inactive when troops simply enter its range.

Defensive-targeting troops, such as Giants and Balloons, will not prioritize the Town Hall 12 as their objective until the Giga Tesla is activated.

Giga Inferno

With Town Hall 13, players can unlock the Giga Inferno, which supersedes the Giga Tesla while introducing a deceleration effect upon annihilation at level 3 and above. Additionally, it possesses greater potential for upgrading. All other aspects, such as activation and defense-focused troops’ interaction with the weapon, mirror those of the Giga Tesla.

A level 1 Giga Inferno at Town Hall 13 boasts identical statistics to a level 5 Giga Tesla, with the sole distinction being the rate of attack.

The Giga Inferno advances further into Town Halls 14 and 15, featuring an altered appearance, bomb, and statistics.

Upgrade Differences

The Town Hall experiences substantial visual modifications at every stage.

At level 1, the Town Hall looks like a modest dwelling featuring a warped orange roof with a petite stone chimney. The windows, entryway, walls, and pillars are all constructed from wood.

At level 2, the Town Hall sports a tiled, slightly elevated orange roof and its walls become more uniform and are made of stone. The lower portions of the corner pillars and window walls now consist of stone.

At level 3, an additional layer with a flat tiled roof is incorporated at the top.

At level 4, a third unadorned, non-tiled layer and a fourth tiled layer are introduced at the top. The chimney moves to the front left side.

At level 5, stone framing is added to the entrance and windows. The remaining corner pillars and window walls are completed with stone.

At level 6, small golden columns appear on the sides of the Town Hall, accompanied by vines that partly cover the walls and columns.

At level 7, a miniature battlement with a wooden floor is added to the rear left corner of the roof. What seems to be arrow slits are located beneath the battlements.

At level 8, the battlement expands to encompass the entire roof, and the golden columns merge with the front wall, turning into stone. The chimney vanishes, eliminating any smoke emission from the Town Hall.

At level 9, the Town Hall adopts a unique theme, distinguishing it as the first level with its own distinct style. The entire color of the Town Hall shifts to dark gray, and a red flag adorns the top. A rooftop entrance, akin to that of a level 5 Clan Castle, emerges, and a small watchtower appears on the top left. A new, extended red entryway leads to the Town Hall, bordered by two gold chains. A skull is integrated as a door embellishment. Both front corners of the Town Hall feature carved level 8 walls.

At level 10, the Town Hall’s color deepens to a rich crimson red. A metal grate sits atop the Town Hall, with a second watchtower positioned next to the first. Molten lava cascades from two openings near the top of the tower, flowing into a trough at the Town Hall’s base. The red-carpet entryway is accented with a gold trim.

At level 11, the Town Hall’s foundation becomes rugged stone. The entrance turns golden, and a gate comprising three massive spikes upheld by a winch mechanism is installed above it. The roof transforms to white and acquires a sizable, lava-filled gap. Two small battlements with red floors emerge at the roof’s front, while a single watchtower remains at the rear. The building’s interior appears to be brightly illuminated, likely due to the lava atop the roof. A red flag is reinstated on an upper corner of the Town Hall.

Upon reaching level 12, the Town Hall adopts a blue hue. Town Hall 12 is the first to undergo multiple visual enhancements, with each level introducing new elements based on the Giga Tesla’s progression.

As the Town Hall is initially upgraded to level 12 (featuring a level 1 Giga Tesla), it transforms into a blue structure with a metallic foundation. The Town Hall’s rooftop boasts a subtle golden stripe, while golden wires on the sides connect to an electric coil positioned above the entrance. Decorative gold elements are situated above the electric coil, and a prominent battery on the side features Roman numerals that denote the Giga Tesla’s level (which will increase with subsequent upgrades). The watchtower and battlements are replaced by a closed roof with a trapdoor concealing the Giga Tesla. Furthermore, the flag at the corner now appears blue.

At level 13, the Town Hall’s color scheme shifts to an eye-catching turquoise and blue combination. The Giga Inferno, unlike conventional inferno towers, mirrors the Town Hall’s turquoise and blue hues. The Town Hall’s base varies according to the Giga Inferno’s level.

When the Town Hall is initially upgraded to level 13 (accompanied by a level 1 Giga Inferno), it assumes a turquoise facade with a black base. The rooftop is turquoise, featuring a wooden pyramid segmented into four corners at the center. Each section is linked to the remaining roof via two black connectors that attach to a purple square outline adorned with squares at every corner. Icy blue arrow-shaped slabs connect to black corner-pieces at the edge. The flag is removed, the gold decorations above the entrance are rearranged, and all wires are eliminated. The Roman numerals indicating the Giga Inferno’s level are now elevated and illuminated. The corner columns exhibit a snow-like hue with a black base and are decorated with lavender half-triangular prisms and navy blue spikes. Smaller side pillars with a single prism spike are also present.

At level 14, the Town Hall’s theme undergoes a drastic transformation, assuming a jungle-inspired aesthetic reminiscent of overgrown jungle ruins. A green, moss-covered waterfall with lilypads adorns the Town Hall’s summit, which is also embellished with a golden border surrounding the intricate stone details. At the front of the Town Hall, a pair of torches emit a mysterious green glow. The Giga Inferno now appears to be entirely enveloped in lava.

Transitioning to level 15, the Town Hall’s theme evolves into a more enchanting and mystical ambiance. The moat remains from the previous level, but the illumination emanating from below creates the illusion that the Town Hall is levitating rather than resting on land.

Town Hall Boost

Upon progressing to Town Hall level 4 or above, players are awarded transient enhancements that last for several days once they access the game following the upgrade’s completion. These temporary boosts vary in duration, contingent upon the player’s updated Town Hall level:

  • Advancing to Town Hall levels 4-6 grants a 3-day boost.
  • Advancing to Town Hall levels 7-9 grants a 4-day boost.
  • Advancing to Town Hall levels 10-15 grants a 5-day boost.

Since the boosts are activated automatically upon the player’s game login, no time is wasted on boosts even if the Town Hall has already undergone an upgrade. In the event of a subsequent Town Hall upgrade during an active boost, the boost duration will be extended by the corresponding time. For example, upgrading to Town Hall level 5 after spending two days at level 4 will transfer the remaining day of boost to level 5, providing a total of four days’ worth of boost at Town Hall level 5.

These power and hero boosts also apply to the player’s Builder Base army, temporarily enhancing the units there as well.


Each Town Hall level brings new buildings and traps to the table. The chart below outlines the unlocked structures and traps per Town Hall level, with “New” indicating the introduction of a building or trap, unless otherwise specified in parentheses. Builder’s Huts are exempt from this list, as they can be acquired at any point.