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Clash of Clans F.A.Q.

By July 11th, 2022No Comments

What is the best use of Gems?

First focus on getting a third builder hut. After you have at least 3 builder huts things get interesting. Most experienced players would tell you to aim for getting a total of 5 builder huts. But that can take a long time and get boring. I recommend using gems to boost resource output, especially during a “special”. If you want to buy resources, boosting collectors is also more effective than buying straight out.

What is the best 200 troop army for farming?

Arch-Goblin-Wallbreaker: Used by normal or casual farmers, usually 125 archers, 15 wallbreakers and the rest is made up of goblins. They aim for villages with normal defense. They send in couple goblins and archers behind. Then use the wallbreakers to bust throw walls

Do I have to buy gems?

No. But the highest ranking players do. Unless you are on all the time you will eventually plateau and find it really hard to upgrade walls and weapons.

When should I upgrade my Town Hall?

Upgrading your Town Hall as soon as you can is very tempting. But try to hold off. Upgrading might give you more buildings and toys to play with but it can also open you up to bigger raids. Make sure your troops and building are upgraded as high as possible before taking the leap.

Are there any Clash of Clans Cheats?

No! Don’t waste your time signing up for Clash of Clans Cheats. If you want more gems just buy them.