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Clash of Clans Wizard Tower

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  • The Wizard Tower is a Defensive Building that looks like a spiraling, cone-shaped tower of rock, then later crystalline rock that has a Wizard on the top of it. It is capable of inflicting powerful splash damage to both Ground and Air Units, though it is limited to a relatively short range.
  • The Wizard Tower, like the Mortar, excels at mowing down entire groups of Troops. However, unlike the Mortar, it has a relatively decent damage per second (making it more effective against higher health troops like Giants), and it will target air troops in addition to ground troops. Also unlike the Mortar, the Wizard Tower has no blind spot.
  • Although the arcane blasts from the Wizard Tower do less damage per shot than the Mortar, it makes up for this by having a much higher rate of fire. This makes the Wizard Tower an excellent choice for defending other structures by blasting troops that get too close.

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