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  • The X-Bow is a single target, rapid-firing turret that unlocks at Town Hall 9.
  • The X-Bow has to be loaded to work. Loading is free and takes place automatically after you log into the game, but if it fires enough shots without being reloaded it will eventually run out of ammunition and will not fire.
  • It can be configured to two modes – Ground Mode, where it can only target ground troops at a 14 tile range, or Ground and Air, where it can target both ground and air units at an 11 tile range.
Clash of Clans X-Bow Level 4

Defensive Strategy

  • A well-placed and loaded X-Bow will dominate attacks, but to be most effective it should not be used as a front-line defense. With the longest range of any defense, it is best placed behind all other defenses, typically in the center of a base (near either storages or the Town Hall).
  • Remember to refill your X-Bow with Elixir! An unloaded X-Bow is not only a waste of space, it is a good indicator that your base may be neglected and ripe for attack.

Offensive Strategy

  • The X-Bow has essentially no weaknesses unless it is set to ground-only mode, determinable by the way it is angled. If it is horizontal to the ground, it can target ground troops only. If it is tilted up, then it can attack air units as well.
  • In order to attack an X-Bow, treat it like a longer-ranged (and much stronger) Cannon or Archer Tower, but don’t forget that many units are not a problem for this tower. Distract it with high-health units (Giants, P.E.K.K.As, etc.) and destroy it with a large group of attackers such as Archers or Barbarians.
  • A single P.E.K.K.A can destroy an X-Bow in 3 or 4 attacks (7.5 to 10 seconds). However, unless it can be deployed close by, the X-Bow’s long range and high DPS means that the P.E.K.K.A will be significantly damaged before it can begin attacking, even if there are no walls for the P.E.K.K.A to fight through.
  • Important strategy tip!
    • Attacking players can see if the defender’s X-Bow is loaded or not. Currently there is no way to tell exactly how much Elixir it has left, but a player can visually tell when it is empty. When it is loaded, you will see a small clip containing what appears to be small Elixir bolts. An unloaded X-Bow will be lacking the clip, and the bowstring will be missing as well (see image gallery below).
    • An X-Bow that is empty is completely useless and will not fire. It still must be destroyed to achieve 100% destruction, and Troops that preferentially attack defenses (Balloons, Giants) will still target an unloaded X-Bow if it is closer to them than an active defense.
Town Hall Level12345678910
Number Available0000000023
RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeUnit Type TargetedNumber of RoundsSize
110.128sSingle TargetGround & Air15003×3
140.128sSingle TargetGround15003×3


Ground and AirGround Only


LevelDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsCost to LoadCostBuild TimeExperience
Town Hall
Level Required
Shot Color
1506.41,50050,0003,000,0007 days7779Purple
2607.681,90060,0005,000,00010 days9299Gold
3759.62,40070,0007,000,00014 days1,0999Dark Blue
48010.242,80080,0008,000,00014 days1,09910Orange



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