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Getting to know your Clash of Clans Heroes (again)

By June 5th, 2022No Comments

A letter from Clash of Clans Supercell

Hi everyone,

A lot of players have been offering their feedback and asking us to roll back the changes in the recent update, specifically those made to Heroes. We’d like to go ahead and confirm that we will not be rolling back this update/changes. What we are going to do is to continue monitoring the situation closely and should there be the need to rebalance their stats in the future (due to the integration of new in-game elements, etc) then we will do so to ensure the balance of the game. 

Changes to hero statistics were carefully considered and most importantly, tested to the very last detail in all variants, and we remain extremely confident that these were the best possible changes for Clash in the long term.

There were three main reasons we wanted to make changes to the heroes:

1. Heroes were not living up to their defensive potential. For example, heroes were easily lured into the corner of a base and destroyed within seconds.
2. Low-level heroes were not strong enough. These are heroes we are talking about… they should have much more to offer.
3. Heroes were too overpowered at high levels, limiting the amount of strategy needed to utilize them in battle. This was due to the introduction of abilities without a corresponding balancing of Hero stats.

Here were the changes we determined were necessary:

1. We made it so attackers can no longer lure heroes. They have a specific radius now and once they reach the edge of that area, they will walk back.
2. We increased the hitpoints for both heroes at lower levels (+ damage for the Queen) so they will truly feel like dominant royal characters.
3. We rebalanced stats for high-level heroes for better damage control and the introduction of more strategic elements.
4. We shifted the power away from the stats of the BK and AQ, and towards their ABILITIES. More about that next.

Our focus in this update was not to nerf the AQ and BK, but to concentrate their strength and therefore strategy around their ABILITIES. With the changes made to Heroes’ abilities, and their new reliance on these powers, its important to learnthe right time to utilize Iron Fist and Royal Cloak. Players will need to learn new strategies, but we’re confident that once you do, you’ll be very happy with the new version of these special powers. Following is a quick summary of the changes and tips on how to use the abilities.

Iron Fist:
– Now summons double the amount of Barbarians than the previous version.
– Regenerates part of the BK’s health when activated.

The overall effect, taking into account his Iron Fist ability, is that the BK can now take more damage than he could before this update. In addition, by summoning more barbarians than before, the increased power of the ability makes up for decrease in DPS. The important point here is TIMING.

Royal Cloak:
– Once activated, it will also give the Queen some of her health back 
– The Archer Queen now shoots flaming arrows while Royal Clock is active.

Royal Cloak gives a huge damage boost to the AQs arrows, making timing important once again. Make sure you save this powerful ability for the right time, such as against a key defence or building.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a video put together by Galadon, with some useful tips and examples on when to activate the abilities:

Changes implemented in the game always require adjustment from players and this might lead to some unsuccessful attempts at first, but don’t be afraid to try it and figure out new strategies that work for you, the results after a while might surprise you.