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Clash of Clans Tips on Creating The Perfect Base Design

By June 11th, 2022No Comments

Are you looking to be a Clash of Clans farmer or climb in trophies?

Farmers prioritize keeping there resources safe while sacrificing trophy count. Your town hall will get destroyed but you’ll get a free 12 hour shield and keep your resource storage safe.

Defensive bases focus on minimizing the stars an attacker may score against your base. At the top level you will see storage outside a base and town halls well guarded.

Farming Tips:

Keep your storage towards the center of the base but try to compartmentalize them. Don’t keep them all in the same walled off area. If troops break through. You wouldn’t want your storage all in one spot. If you encounter a Goblin attack, they won’t be able to get to your storages and resources just by passing one wall.

Try to keep two layers off walls between any attacker and your storage. (by two layers we do not mean double thick walls.)

Place your town hall outside your walls. I like to keep mine within striking distance of my defenses. So that while the town hall is being destroyed I’m inflicting some damage on the attacking army.

Checkout the following TH 5, TH 6, Th 7, TH 8, TH 9, TH 10 base designs for ideas.

Defensive Base:

Place the Town Hall at the center of the base. If you have x-bow and inferno tower unlocked place these near by.

Depending on your town hall level. The second layer of defenses should have mortars. Try placing one on each compass point so all sides are covered.

The Archer Tower, Gold Storage and Cannon should be on the third layer.

Checkout the following TH 5, TH 6, Th 7, TH 8, TH 9, TH 10 base designs for ideas.

General Tips:

Wizard towers are your friend! High level towers can make quick work of swarms of troops. Prioritize upgrading them over other structures. Mortars would be the second item to prioritize upgrades for.

Don’t forget the all air attack. After wizard towers and mortars I would focus on air defense. They are not as common as land attacks since they these armies tend to cost more to build.

A few of the best bases!