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Clash of Clans Builder Hall

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  • The Builder Hall is the equivalent of the Town Hall in the Builder Base. Protection of the Builder Hall is critical for preventing players from getting one star on your base in an attack.
  • Upgrading the Builder Hall will unlock more buildings.
  • The level 1 Builder Hall is broken and has graves along with several broken Buildings surrounding it when it is first encountered in the tutorial. These include a Star Laboratory, Gem Mine, Clock Tower, Battle Machine, Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, Cannon, Army Camp, and Builder Barracks.
  • During the tutorial, the Builder Hall is upgraded to level 2, and in doing so buildings immediately surrounding it are automatically repaired. In addition to this, the Boat is also repaired and the Raged Barbarians are upgraded to level 2.
  • There are a total of nine levels for Builder Hall.
  • You must place all Buildings available from the current Builder Hall level before you are able to upgrade the Builder Hall.
    • Exceptions to this rule are the Gem Mine, Clock Tower and Battle Machine, for which repairing is optional.
  • The Builder Hall can be accessed once a player reaches Town Hall 4 in your Home Village by repairing the broken boat on the sea shore.

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